Mayor Gans steps down, Spoll takes over

Terry Gans steps down as Mayor. He thanks his wife, Diane, at a Town Hall ceremony.

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Mayor Terry Gans stepped down this week, and the town’s new Mayor, George Spoll, and Vice Mayor Ed Zunz were sworn in. Gans was term limited out of his District 3 seat, which is now occupied by new Commissioner Ken Schneier.

The mayoral race was close, with Commissioner Jack Daly nominating Commissioner Irwin Pastor, and Commissioner Jim Brown nominating George Spoll. The vote was 4-3, with Commissioners Randy Clair, Ed Zunz, Brown and Spoll voting for Spoll; while Commissioners Schneier, Daly and Pastor voting for Pastor.

The vice mayor race was between two camps as well, with Pastor nominating Daly and Spoll nominating Zunz. In a 5-2 split, Zunz was named Vice Mayor.

The commission bids adieu to Gans

“I just want to say how fortunate we are to have had Terry Gans as our mayor two times,” said Commissioner Pastor. “His voice of reason, common sense with a little bit of wit. We thank you for your services, we will all miss you,” said Pastor.

“I commend you on maintaining the civility and with this group it’s no easy task. You are effective in your job as being a spokesperson and advocate for the Key, especially with regard to FDOT and dealing with them. The Colony was also another example of your leadership and a job well done,” said Daly.

After commissioners thanked Gans for his good work, he received his plaque and thanked the commission, town staff as well as friends, family and his wife.

“I just want to take the time to thank everyone who took the time to support me. I’m thanking Diane first. It was the sincere admiration and support that she gave me that allowed me to serve,” said Gans.

Gans also took the time to thank the residents who voted for him.

“People always say that in this job you always get grief from the public and that’s not true. People never gave me grief, they were always respectful and said how grateful they were for everything that I do on the commission,” said Gans.

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