Sauna victim stabbed multiple times; husband speaks to LBK News

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According to a coroner’s report, 54-year-old Lori Ann Martin was stabbed numerous times and had a toxic level of Benadryl in her system when she was found deceased in the sauna at the Moorings on Longboat Key on Jan. 23.

Longboat Key Police have still officially not released the name of the victim and refer to the event as either an “intense suicide” or a “homicide” and are waiting the results of forensic and toxicology reports. According to Police Chief Pete Cumming, the manner of death has not been concluded by Medical Examiner Dr. Russell Vega and the Police Department is proceeding on all fronts with its investigation.

According to Cumming, the deceased left the boat at the Moorings that she shared with her husband, David R. Martin, around 11 a.m. and her body was discovered at about 5 p.m. in the afternoon in the sauna.

The Medical Examiner has estimated she died between 12 noon and 2 p.m. on Jan. 23. Both she and her husband were engineers from Ohio who had retired and were planning a trip according to her husband, to Nova Scotia this summer.

David Martin told Longboat Key News that he is absolutely sure her death was not a suicide and referred to his deceased wife as “the most incredible person.”

He said that more than 1,000 people showed up at her wake and he is now spending his time grieving and seeking answers, as is their three sons and Lori’s parents who live in the Meadows in Sarasota.

“She took care of me and I took care of her. We loved each other more than you can imagine, and I’ve been going to grief counseling, reading books and trying to stay in the moment,” said Martin.

When asked who he believes may have committed such a crime, Martin said, “Maybe she walked into something she shouldn’t have walked in to.” He pointed out that there are numerous dockworkers, landscapers, employees, transient boaters and all manner of individuals coming and going from the Moorings throughout any given day.

David Martin said that at the time of her death, he was in Costco shopping with friends from a neighboring boat. He added that he was devastated when he heard the news and spends most nights talking to family and trying to make sense of his life that has suddenly been altered.

Chief Cumming said he is not at liberty to discuss the case, but that he is confident all of the answers will be forthcoming but was adamant that it is the Medical Examiner’s role to determine the cause of death and it is the Police Department’s job to gather, present and provide evidence.

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8 Responses for “Sauna victim stabbed multiple times; husband speaks to LBK News”

  1. james says:

    I spent twenty years studying mental health. Anyone can be afflicted at some point in their life. It is my educated opinion that lori was not suicidal. She could of been hiding some depression but not enough to cause her to take her life in such a horrific manner.
    After all this and the past articles that did not make since We are to swallow a verdict of suicide with out a cause of death. This is preposterous.

  2. Mickey Ramsey says:

    WOW I was so upset and disgusted to read the article that Lori’s death was ruled as a suicide that I didn’t even think to go back and reread this article I previously posted on March 6, 2018. So I obviously did reread it after the comments I posted asking about these two specific statements that Lori was “stabbed numerous times and had toxic levels of Benadryl.” Does this news article have an answer for my previous comments, and the “toxicology report taking a long time”? So this article was posted on March 4, 2018. Yet it was posted on April 19, 2018 that, “the police waited months for the toxicology result.”

  3. Mickey Ramsey says:

    I agree with Pat. This is completely absurd, that they are ruling her death as a suicide?! Are you kidding me?? 1st off where did the articles magically disappear stating that she was “brutally stabbed”? 2nd where did the article magically disappear stating months ago that her toxicology report stated that she had high levels of BENADRYL in her stystem?? Do people even know that EVERY over the counter sleep aid has BENADRYL in it?? EVERY one (including NYQUIL) they ALL do, except melatonin. But I just read an article stating on April 19,2018 “Police have waited months for the results of forensics tests, along with toxicology and DNA tests.” Well that’s a bold face LIE because I know for a fact I read back in February that the police stated about the high levels of Benadryl in her system, I specifically remember this because the first thing I thought of was perhaps she was fighting off an infection or bad cold, so she took over the counter medication for it, and decided the next day to go use the sauna to HELP sweat the infection, virus, cold or whatever out of her system! Also WHO in their RIGHT mind would ever attempt to stab themselves in an attempt of suicide WHO would even do that if they weren’t in their right mind and did have mental health issues??? I’ll tell you.. NOBODY! People who are suicidal want the fastest and quickest way to kill themselves (they feel they are already suffering from so much pain that others may not understand so they don’t want to die feeling pain either! So they most certainly would NOT want to bleed out and die in a slow painful death!! What about the 2 or 3 women (I don’t exactly remember whether it was 2 or 3 that I read but I will make damn sure I go back and find that article) of the victims who were murdered at that very same resort in August previous to Lori’s MURDER (NOT SUICIDE) from an ex-employee that worked there?? I watched an elderly lady who was interviewed saying, they don’t feel like they need to be worried because of what happened, because she lived their for years and stuff like this doesn’t happen, are you kidding me?? That is exactly why Pat is saying they care more about their UPSCALE REPUTATION rather than a person’s safety, and that is EXACTLY what is going on here! I seen the photo of where the sauna was and the caution tape around their, “so called investigation.” So what boggles my mind is, it does in fact look like an upscale resort, so WHY was there seriously NO security camera in the corner facing a WOMAN’S sauna room?? This is about as pathetic of an investigation, as all the hoax massacres, esp the Vegas Massacre, but at least THEY had some video footage (at least the footage that didn’t magically disappear)! This is absolutely RIDICULOUS and DISGUSTING!! I will try my best to contact someone to reopen this investigation, if it’s the last thing I do, because the ruling of suicide is not only a LIE but completely UNREALISTIC! I am so sick of this world feeding us with deceitful lies and think that we are all stupid to believe all the lies! The people involved in this investigation and coverup should be ASHAMED of themselves!! Justice needs to be survived for Lori and all the people who loved and cared about her! My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who is dealing with the tragic loss of Lori’s death. I also PRAY that someone will step up and not only do do the RIGHT thing, but also do YOUR JOB when it comes to investigations and help protect your community! May GOD also HELP and BLESS those who are choosing to not follow God’s WORD! “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭2:15‬!
    No GOOD deed goes UNREWARDED, No BAD deed goes UNCONVICTED!

  4. Pat Stefano says:

    The reports that Lori’s death was suicide are ridiculous. Citizens of Longboat watch your back, because apparently the authorities are more concerned with their upscale reputation, than your reputation or safety. #justiceforLori

  5. Pat Stefano says:

    As we are approaching the three month mark of the murder of one (if not THE) most vibrant and beautiful people who ever roamed this earth, I find I’m am growing a bit impatient with the Longboat authorities. Have you given up? If you had ever had the privilege of knowing Lori, you would know that her death is a travesty and cannot, no, must not go without turning over every stone. She shared her beautiful smile and zest for life with everyone, perhaps someone misread the intention. She had a loving family and lived a utopian life, perhaps some twisted mind wanted to be her. There are a myriad of scenarios that I beg of you to please leave no stone unturned. If it’s beyond your capacities as far as investigators, please turn it over to those who may have a better chance at solving this terrible crime. Just a few days prior to this event, we were making plans for more adventures. She wanted to see those come to fruition. Please keep looking for the answer. #justiceforLori

  6. Mary says:

    Lori was an amazing person. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. Truly. The only thing she hated was paying full price for anything. She was an awesome mother, step-mother, wife, sister and friend. She was loved by all. The story Mickey told above is how Dave and Lori treated everyone. Anyone who spent time with them felt special. I really hope that the police can find out what happened so that those who love her can have closure and so that Lori can rest in peace.

  7. I didn’t know Lori extremely well, however anyone who had the privilege of meeting this beautiful woman wouldn’t have to know her for more than a few minutes and she greeted you as if she has known you for a lifetime, even if it was the first time meeting her. She would greet you with a beautiful smile and one of the most heart felt hugs and made you feel so welcome and comfortable as if you were already apart of her family. I believe everyone was family to her as she genuinely loved, cared, and valued each and every person she has ever met even if you were a stranger. I’ll never forget when I first met her and Dave through a former boyfriend. Him and I had dinner with the couple and some other friends at their former residence in Howland. Their home was absolutely beautiful, Lori gave me a tour and I loved how she decorated the place. Dave cooked all of us a wonderful meal. They made fresh baked bread with oil and fresh grated Parmesan cheese, and a cheese plate (it was as if we were at a beautiful top of the line restaurant). Dave took my former boyfriend and I to show us where he made his home made wine and also where he prepped his hot peppers he would can. He also showed us a car he was restoring and told us so many stories about his love and passion for all of these things. Lori made sure everyone was comfortable, she was a wonderful host and was always asking if anyone needed a drink or anything (she was a people pleaser). I remember looking at them and thinking to myself, for as long as they have been together you could still see they were still madly in love with one another. They looked at one another as they probably did the moment they first fell in love, they were constantly hugging, kissing, and finished one another’s sentences (it was NOT fake by any means) these two wonderful people were definitely soulmates! They also showed us some funny videos, stories/ memories from some of the traveling they already did on their boat before they decided to sell their beautiful home and make their boat their permanent residence (which they were so ecstatic about). I also had the privilege to attend their son’s beautiful wedding reception at their Howland residence and I was not the least bit surprised how Lori had the back yard decorated and once again was a wonderful host. She had so much to live for, positive people like her are one of a kind, she was so full of life, very healthy (she took such great care of her health that you would never have know she was 54), constantly smiling, loving and never took one day of life for granted. It truly makes me so sad beyond belief that this person who was not only beautiful inside and out, would have to leave this earth and all the people who loved her, especially Dave in such a horrific manner! I PRAY they find the person who took the life of this beautiful soul, and that her family will get the Justice they deserve! But NO justice will ever bring this wonderful person back! So I pray that somehow and some way all of her family, friends, and loved ones can find a positive way to move on with their lives in honor of Lori, as I believe that’s what Lori would want! Always remember life is too short and we are never promised tomorrow, so try and not take a single day for granted (like Lori), be kind to one another, and always let your loved ones know just how much you love and care about them. My prayers and condolences go out to each and every person that loved and cared for Lori. God bless everyone!

  8. Pat Stefano says:

    Lori Martin truly was an amazing person. She put a smile on everyone ‘s face regardless of who they were. She welcomed everyone and that ultimately may have been her demise. Please find some answers. Being in a constant state of anger is a terrible place to live. I am truly honored to have had her call me friend. Rest In Peace -an thank you for the visit Sunday night

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