Steube out on political limb

Florida State Senator Greg Steube has introduced another bill that will strip municipalities from exercising control over their community. In this case, Stuebe has introduced a bill to the state legislature that prohibits any local regulation or governance of private tree removal. The regulation, if passed, will strike all tree protection laws in cities and counties in Florida.

For instance, in the City of Sarasota, if a property owner desires to remove a tree, it requires a permit and either financial compensation for certain species removed or the necessity to replace the tree in another location.

The City currently has a Tree Advisory Committee that has helped the commission develop its regulations.

Both the mayor as well as all of the neighborhoods represented in the Coalition of City Neighborhood Associations are opposed to what Steube is seeking.

Steube recently has also proposed legislation to remove the ability of local jurisdictions to exercise control over rental properties. In both bills, he seeks for control and regulation to emanate solely from the State Legislature.

That bill is particularly troubling for the Town of Longboat Key, which has an historical limit imposing a rule that does not allow the rental of a property in a residential zone for a term less than 30 days.


Growing irony

Just this past week, the City of Sarasota was recognized as Tree City USA due to its commitment to maintaining a robust tree canopy. The designation was made by the Arbor Day Foundation for the third consecutive year.

The Tree City USA Program bases its criteria on four mandates:

• The city must have a tree board or department

• The city must have a tree care ordinance

• The city must have an annual community forestry budget of at least $2 per resident

• The city must have an Arbor Day Observance and Proclamation

In a news release, it was stated that the City of Sarasota goes far beyond those minimum requirements including offering trees to residents at no cost. The news release states that the city’s policy helps to increase property values, decrease energy bills and protect the environment.

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2 Responses for “Steube out on political limb”

  1. Jerry Aaron says:

    If this misguided politician gets his misguided bill passed, Longboat Key will be forever changed. Neighborhoods will be faced with short term renters cycling through like a cheap motel.

  2. Steve Keller says:

    Steube is not only way out on a political limb, his rationale in proposing legislation which would allow the Commercial Property rights of one class of individual owners to trump the rights of other property owners to exercise reasonable control over the quiet enjoyment and appearance of their Communities is terribly misguided at best. One has to wonder what role the political contributions of Airbnb and other Commercial rental lobbies have played in his initiative. The aroma is distinctly suspect. I hope our many right thinking voters will let this guy know that he’s in the process of getting himself voted out of office.

    Steve Keller
    Longboat Key.

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