On Patrol Sarasota – Week ending January 26, 2017

The following are actual police reports as written by Sarasota City Police Officers. They are edited for length, punctuation and to protect privacy.

Jan. 15


10:00 p.m.

Officer Goebel responded to Dolphin Street for a possible theft. Upon arrival, Officer Goebel met with the complainant. The last time the complainant checked on the item it was around 10 p.m. and when she wet to get it the next day around 11 a.m., she found the money was missing. The complainant said as the apartment building was under construction, her landlord was allowing workers in her apartment to complete work. The complainant told Officer Goebel she didn’t know how many workers, when they were there and if they were supervised while there. Officer Goebel asked the complainant to gather as much information as possible, reference who had access, when and if they were supervised by the landlord and then contact law enforcement again. Without more information, evidence, suspects or witnesses, Officer Goebel will be unable to file charges or forward to the detective division.


Jan. 19

Suspicious activity

2:57 a.m.

Officer Uchida responded to Boulevard of the Arts in reference to suspicious activity. Officer Uchida observed a white woman sleeping inside a vehicle. She appeared to be intoxicated at which point he attempted to wake her in order to check on her well being. The woman did wake up at which point officers inquired about her vehicle. The officers observed front end damage which appeared to be consistent with a possible vehicle crash. The woman was unable to advise any information due to her level of intoxication. However, they were able to make contact with her parents through the phone who agreed to pick her up. They inquired to the woman’s parents who advised that the vehicle damage was there from approximately one month ago. The woman later advised that her friend was driving her vehicle to the Hyatt where she claimed they had rented a room from. However, the woman did not know the exact location of their room. The woman stated that she was left inside the vehicle as a result of her falling asleep. The woman’s parents arrived on scene and transported her back home without further incident.


Jan. 20

Flood zone

4:00 p.m.

Officer Montegna responded to Owl Way in reference to suspicious activity. Officer Montegna arrived on scene and made contact with the complainant who owns and is building a house on the property. The complainant stated that he arrived and that the first floor family living room area had been ruined by flooding because of a water leak. The complainant stated that the leak was located last week and that he had to turn off the main water valve to the house to stop the leak before it had caused any damage. The complainant wrote on a piece of cardboard to keep the water valve off and placed it next to the main water valve that was located on the outside of the house on the south side. The complainant stated that the last time he was on the property was at 4 p.m. on Saturday. The complainant said he was at the property checking on it and the progress. The complainant stated that he had some carpenters at the house on Saturday, but no other workers should have been there. The carpenters did not use or need the water on for Saturday while they were there working. The complainant stated that he had spoken to the neighbor on the south side of his residence. This neighbor stated that he observed a vehicle pulling a small cement mixer backed onto the property around 6 p.m. The neighbor told the complainant that it appeared that they were rinsing out a small cement mixer. Officer Montegna made contact with the Bird Key security who stated that there was a truck that was pulling a cement mixer leave Bird Key around 6:45 p.m. that evening. The security guard stated that the license plate reader is currently not working and they are unable to see the vehicle tag from the video. The truck was a small white pickup truck with a ladder on top. Officer Montegna made contact with the neighbor who stated that he was outside on Saturday around  6 p.m. when he observed a small four door vehicle, possibly an older Honda, back into the driveway. The neighbor assumed it was someone that was working there or had worked there and was rinsing out the small cement mixer. The neighbor stated that the subject was an Hispanic male and was dressed neat and clean. The neighbor said that the man did not appear as if he had been doing any manual labor or any type of cement work in the clothes that he had on. The neighbor stated that the man was rushing but assumed he was hurrying because workers are not allowed to work past 6 p.m. The neighbor stated that workers will get complained on by residents if they are working past 6 p.m. The neighbor motioned to the subject that he needs to stop work and the subject waved and left the area. The neighbor was not sure which direction the vehicle had come in or left. The neighbor definitely stated the vehicle was a car and not a truck. At this time, Officer Montegna was unable to determine who the subject was that was cleaning the dement mixer and what affiliation he had with the home. It does not appear that anyone had any malicious intent to cause any damage to the residence. It is also not clear if the man that was cleaning the cement mixer was the one that left the water valve on or if some other worker that had come by that weekend and accidentally turned the water and forgot to turn it off before they left. The complainant stated he would contact the police if he receives any new information.


Jan. 22

Suspicious activity

2:12 p.m.

Officer Schanley responded to Palm Avenue in reference to suspicious activity. Officer Schanley met with the complainant who was the property manager who stated he has been having a continual problem with an unknown homeless subject. He stated the male subject continues to come onto the property and try to start a verbal dispute with members. Each time law enforcement arrives at the location the subject is no longer in the area. When Officer Schanley arrived on scene, the subject was no longer on the property. Officer Schanley canvassed the area in an attempt to get the subject’s information but he was unable to locate him.


Jan. 23


12:29 a.m.

Officer Beskin responded to Main Street in reference to a battery. Upon arrival, Officer Beskin came into contact with the victim who was bleeding from the face. The woman stated that it was her birthday and while at the bar she met a white female. The two met at the bar approximately one hour earlier. While at the bar, the two began making out with each other after which the two began talking about another female customer and calling her racial slurs. When the customer overheard the two women talking about her, she confronted them. The two women exchanged several more racial statements with the female before the female walked over and punched the one woman in the face several times with a closed hand. The victim sustained several injuries to her face that may require stitches. The woman was transported to Sarasota Memorial by EMS for treatment. The bar did not have a video of the incident. No witnesses stayed at the scene to provide statements. The unknown female was described by the victim as a black woman unknown age or clothing. The woman left in an unknown direction before police arrived.


Suspicious activity

11:03 a.m.

Officer Gile responded to Boulevard of the Arts in regard to a subject pounding on the doors. The complainant stated a white male wearing a yellow shirt had been pounding on the office door. The complainant believed he was homeless. She said they had found some property, bags with dowels and food, at the address when they arrived in the morning. There was no one around so they threw the bags in the dumpster. The bags may have belonged to the man but she did not open the door to find out. The complainant has stated there has been an increase in homeless subjects sleeping on the property overnight. She stated they have found beer cans as well as human waste on the property. She stated some of the volunteers are uncomfortable coming inside in the mornings. Officer Gile advised the complainant to let anyone who works there know that if they are uncomfortable, they can call and have an officer check the property. Officer Gile further advised he would request extra patrols from night shift officers.



1:30 p.m.

Officer Epps responded to Ritz Carlton Drive in responde to a dispute. Upon his arrival, he made contact with the security staff member who stated that a white male had come into the hotel front lobby in a very aggressive manner. The complainant stated that the man was trying to check into one of the rooms, however he was unable to provide the subject this service due to the fact that he was wearing a mask over his face and refused to remove it. Officer Epps also spoke with the subject who stated that he did not believe that the wearing of the mask was a huge deal. The subject was not located on the property upon arrival, he was located in the area of Gulfstream Avenue and U.S. 41 the subjects information was provided to dispatch for warrants and came back with negative results. Due to his not being on the property, he was not able to be trespassed from the establishment.


Jan. 24


12:58 a.m.

Officer Uchida responded to 6th Street in reference to trespass. Officer Uchida made contact with the suspects who were on the property and were there to rest for the night. Both subjects were negative results for warrants/wants. However, one of the men yielded a positive result for a prior trespass at the address. The subject had been previously trespassed from the property by Officer Beskin, he was subsequently issued a summons for a trespass after warning. The other man was also trespassed and entered in the trespass files, both subjects left he area without further incident.


Where’s Tom Brady?

4:42 p.m.

Officer Cespedes responded to Boulevard of the Arts to a possible burglary at the self storage. Upon arrival, Officer Cespedes met with the complainant who advised that approximately one month ago several collectible football cards of Tom Brade came up missing from his storage unit. He reports that they miraculously appeared three days ago. There were no signs of forced entry into his storage unit and no indication of a breach. The complainant had the only key to the lock and there were no signs of tampering. Officer Cespedes also checked with management who advised that there were no cameras located in that area of the storage facility. Officer Cespedes suggested to the complainant that perhaps he accidentally misplaced the cards. He advised that he didn’t think so but that he is getting out of the collection business. Officer Cespedes deemed the incident as suspicious.



11:33 p.m.

Officer Bobitz responded to the 2100 block of Hyde Park Street in reference to a dispute that occurred earlier at 1500 block of S. Tamiami Trail. Officer Bobitz made contact with the victim who stated that he had been attacked by a white male. The victim stated that he was sitting behind the location on Tamiami Trail when the suspect grabbed his bag which contained 60 prescription medications. The victim stated they were two different kinds of oxycodones and morphine. The victim said the man ran off with the medications so he proceeded to run after him. The victim said that the suspect hit him with a sock that had a large rock inside of it. The victim said the suspect was last seen leaving on a bicycle. The suspect is described as a white male, mid-twenties, thin build, approximately 5 foot 9 inches, short dark hair and was last seen wearing dark clothing. Officers searched the area but were unable to locate the suspect. The victim was transported to Sarasota Memorial Hospital for treatment. Paramedics stated that the victim would most likely need stitches for his injury. Officer Bobitz spoke with a person who knows the suspect and says he usually stays with the victim and the suspect. He denied knowing any other information about the suspect and he said he was not present for the altercation between the two. It should be noted that the friend stated he had known the suspect since he was 12 years old, however he claims he does not know his last name.


Jan. 25


12:44 a.m.

Officer Martinez responded to Boulevard of the Arts for a trespass and theft. Upon arrival, officers made contact with the facility security officer. The security officer advised that a white male subject, came into the bar area and ran up a $27.90 bar tab. The subject attempted to pay with multiple credit cards, all being declined, the subject attempted to leave the facility but was stopped outside by security. Officers made contact with the subject. The subject advised he was homeless and wanted a few drinks. When his credit cards weren’t working, he decided to leave. A warrant check was conducted with negative results. The bar manager responded to the scene and advised they did not want to pursue any charges ad just wanted the man trespassed. The subject was issued a verbal trespass warning while Officer Martinez was present. The subject was entered into the trespass file and was provided with homeless outreach services and advised he would contact the H.O.T. tomorrow. Nothing further.


Suspicious activity

1:15 a.m.

Officer Childers responded to John Ringling Causeway in reference to investigate a bomb threat under the John Ringling Bridge. There were no additional details in regard to who called or the exact location of the bomb. The unknown person has made threats in the past regarding the Ringling Bridge. Officer Childers inspected the area under the west side of the bridge along with the eastbound and westbound spans. Officer Area inspected the area under the east side of the bridge along with the pier and Hart’s Landing. No suspicious items were located.

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