On Patrol Sarasota – Week ending January 19, 2017

The following are actual police reports as written by Sarasota City Police Officers. They are edited for length, punctuation and to protect privacy.

Jan. 9

Dispute over car seat

4:14 p.m.

Officer Perkins responded to Datura Street in reference to a dispute between a male and a female in which the woman wanted to go inside the residence to retrieve belongings. Upon arrival, Officer Perkins met with the complainant who stated that her husband locked her out of the residence and left the location. She advised that she just wanted to get inside the residence to obtain her child’s car seat, gather some of her belongings and leave. She and her husband got into a verbal dispute earlier ad her mother came and got her and brought her home. It wasn’t until the complainant got home that she realized that the husband had locked her out and used a key that she does not have. The complainant then called the husband on the phone with the officer there and asked him to speak with her husband. Officer Perkins asked the husband if he could come home and let the complainant in to get her child’s car seat so she could leave the area. The husband yelled at Officer Perkins on the phone and advised that the complainant did not live there and did not have anything there. Officer Perkins then checked the complainant’s license that had a valid address that was issued back in 2014. She also had a key to the residence, however it did not unlock the dead bolt. Officer Perkins the asked the husband if he could just allow her to get the car set and be on her way. The husband again, refused. The husband went on to tell the officer he was around the corner at a friends house but that the complainant did not live there but to let her break in. A few moments later the husband showed up at the residence. He was on his cell phone when he walked up to the officer. He got about eight inches away from the officer and shoved his cell phone in his face and told Officer Perkins that he needed to speak with his lawyer. Officer Perkins took a step back and advised him that he did not wish to speak with his lawyer. Officer Perkins then asked the husband if he could be so kind as to open his front door so they could obtain the car seat for the baby. He obliged and unlocked the door all the while yelling to Officer Perkins about how the complainant did not live there and did not have anything inside. He placed his lawyer on speaker so she could hear everything. The husband then began to verbally argue back and forth with the complainant at which point Officer Perkins interjected and told him that they were not about to argue back and forth to just let the complainant get the car seat. The husband finally opened the door and the complainant was able to get her car seat. She was able to get most of her clothes and some other things as well. She then placed the baby in the car seat and left the area. The husband later apologized for his poor behavior.


Jan. 10

Fishing inside marina

4:12 p.m.

Officer Mayforth responded to Bird Key Drive in reference to a boat fishing inside the Bird Key Yacht Club marina. An employee of the Yacht Club called to report a boat fishing inside the marina by the restaurant. Upon arrival, Officer Mayforth noticed the boat with several fishermen on it was outside of the marina near the fuel docks. The employee said that they asked the fishermen to leave and they refused and said that they could fish there. Officer Mayforth was advised by the Yacht Club that they owned the land under the water where the fishermen were and that they were not allowed to fish there. Officer Mayforth made contact with the boat as they were in a canal bordering the Yacht Club. They advised they were finishing up a day of fishing and did not see any signs of no trespassing. Officer Mayforth later learned and advised the Yacht Club that the fishermen could fish inside the marina as long as they did not tie off to a dock of anchor. No further action.


Jan. 11


3:00 a.m.

Officer Furner responded to Ritz Carlton Drive in reference to a battery. Upon arrival, he made contact with a hotel security guard who stated that one of his guests had been in a fight on the fourth floor. He stated that he observed a possible suspect leaving eastbound on Ritz-Carlton Drive. A witness stated that he observed an unknown white male knock on the victim’s door and then punch the victim in the face. The victim stated that the suspect knocked on his door and then punched him in the forehead. The victim said that he the retreated to his room and contacted law enforcement. The victim stated he did not know the suspect, however they had met the day prior and had drinks at the Kennel Club. The victim stated that he was in Sarasota for business and would be returning to North Dakota the next day. The victim said that he would like to prosecute if the suspect could be located and identified. The security guard stated that there are no surveillance cameras on the fourth floor. Officers were unable to locate anyone in the area matching the suspect’s description. Officer Furner requested EMS evaluate the victim on scene due to a minor laceration above his eye. EMS cleared the victim on scene and the victim stated that he did not wish to be transported.

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