Mayor seeks Manatee money for beach fix

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Longboat Key Mayor Terry Gans wrote a letter to the chair of the Manatee County Commission for financial help as well as sand to help offset the cost to build three rock groins on the north end of the island.

Their request eminated from a meeting in November where the Town Commission considered numerous options to attempt to stabilize the rapid erosion that occurs on the north end of Longboat Key and Greer Island, commonly referred to as Beer Can Island.

Town Engineer Olsen Associates, recommended up to three permeable rock groin structures to be placed on Greer Island’s shoreline concurrent with sand to anchor the erosional hotspot.

The estimated construction cost for the three groins plus sand is approximately $9 million. That cost is what drove the Town Commission and Gans to request some financial assistance.

Mayor Gans made his case in the Jan. 22 memo.

“Greer Island is owned by Manatee County. Residents across Town and County boundaries as well as visitors to the area enjoy recreational use of Greer Island and the lagoon, encompassed by the island. As such, the Town believes there’s mutual benefit to shoreline protection,” said Gans.

Gans went on to point out that the homes located along the north end are within Manatee County and pay taxes to Manatee County.

“Therefore, we respectfully request consideration from the Manatee County Board of Commissioners for financial assistance and possible fill material support to share in the expense of the stabilization effort,” said Gans.

Gans and the Town are awaiting a response and the current track is to begin permitting this year for the three structures for future design and construction.

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