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I wrote a piece for these pages several weeks ago, after our Hurricane.

I pledged to try to be on the positive team from now on.  I’m serious.

This introspective about my own thinking was only a beginning.

I have been skating on a razor’s edge for a year + on the subject of our President, pre and post election.  This has been  noticed by some good folks, readers too, in our Town.  A revision, at least in my thinking may now be necessary.  I’ll try here.

Four, now five years ago, all the Republican candidates for the nomination to president came through our Town.  As the new “kid” on the Paper’s staff I covered each and every one of these candidates. This was both enjoyable and educational.  I formed no preference as the process unfolded.  Indeed to have done so would have been difficult – there were so many of them and things were moving fast.

I do recall that I thought Romney was for me the best candidate – he shook hands with every person in that room in the Sarasota Yacht Club.

Trump treated us press representatives the best – he spoke to us separately, and actually took questions from us.  All were gracious and positive. Imagine that.

Throughout the long process I tried to remain impartial.  This was my promise to myself.  I did not promise myself or my readers to support/vote for the party’s nominee.  I did just that.  I ‘blanked’ all the nominees on my ballot (a New Englander’s prerogative).  I think I remained true to my self-promise.  Several readers here pressed me for my preference, unsuccessfully.

Once Trump was elected I think I remained silent on his presidency, on him.  This, in spite of the fact that the President is, like me, a ‘boy’ from Queens in New York.  I’ve watched these many months as things unfolded.

The other day  I dispatched the following to a correspondent in the West.  Their opinion is often different, and helpful.

“I Watched with some interest the President from the White House this afternoon speaking on Jerusalem, and our Embassy to be there.  I hear this is a touchy subject.  I thought that the short coverage was impressive.  Visuals are always best.

I wonder; what do you think.”

I received a rather lengthy reply, as usual.  I thought his words were mostly historical, maybe ok, but on point.  He had no suggestions for me, and my opinion/treatment.  He did say that, “I think we and the rest of the world have been dancing around this issue on the head of a pin for far too long.”  Not much help for me in composing another Opinion Column…

So, I got thinking.  President Trump has just completed another item as he promised the voters he would.  That is a Marker for Presidents, at least for me.  I’ll go with Trump on this one.  I think Jerusalem should be the Capital of Israel and that the Embassy of the United States should be located in that same Capital.

Further, I think it is time for me to review the President’s actions and say what I think about these.  The Presidency is far too important to be ignored, even by a small-town columnist in Florida.

There, I’m trying to be both Positive and Realistic.

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