Steube strikes again at vacation rental control

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Sen. Greg Steube, R-Sarasota is pushing a bill that would transfer regulation of vacation rental housing from local governments to the state could bring, yet again, consternation to local government.

Nearby Longboat Key has a strict rental policy that it has grandfathered in and limits short-term rentals in residential zones,

The proposed legislation from Steube would nullify any existing local regulations of vacation rental housing, including single-family homes rented by the owners or through online rental agencies such as Airbnb. If passed by the legislature, the state regulation of vacation rentals would become effective this July.

A similar bill by Steube last year made in through the House of Representatives. That bill would have left intact any local vacation rental regulations put in place prior to 2011, while Steube’s current proposal would nullify all existing regulations. That is where Longboat comes into play.

Steube filed his proposed Florida Vacation Rental Act on Dec. 28 as Senate Bill 1600.

Steube has said it is simply a property rights issue and he prefers uniformity of all regulations and no ability for communities to control rentals.

Steube’s bill will likely roil the Florida League of Cities, which is the legislative advocate for the municipalities.

This bill is being supported by the home vacation rental industry (AIRBNB).  The bill preempts regulation and control of vacation rentals to the state. In doing so, it treats such rentals as “public lodging establishments” and “public food service establishments”.

Vacation rentals would be allowed to operate daily, offer food and other services (even have employees) and rent multiple rooms to different “guests”, much like a bed and breakfast.  Municipalities would not be able allowed to regulate the properties.

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2 Responses for “Steube strikes again at vacation rental control”

  1. ghostrider says:

    “Municipalities would not be able allowed to regulate the properties.”

    I’m confused. I thought Republicans wanted Government to leave them alone.

  2. Jim smith says:

    Put on your boxing gloves Mr Steube, and get the AIRBNB people to
    Write a bigger lobbiest check to your account to rent an Arena Large enough to hold
    LBK fight club.Maybe stubhub will be needed as well for extra tickets
    From surrounding area homeowners who have seen their neighborhoods
    Transformed.The big brother knows best/ regulation control center model is out
    Local leaders and legislation is my bet on this fight .

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