On Patrol Sarasota – Week ending December 8, 2017

The following are actual police reports as written by Sarasota City Police Officers. They are edited for length, punctuation and to protect privacy.

Dec. 4


4:33 a.m.

Officer Collins responded to 3300 block of North Tamiami Trail in reference to a burglary. Upon arrival, there was a male and a female subject standing in the parking lot of the drug store. The man advised that he was sleeping in the rear of the parking lot across the street when he saw another man climbing up the side of the building. The man said he thought it was a police officer so he did not think anything o it. The man then said that about 15-20 minutes later he saw the same man come off of the roof where he initially went up; the subject started running southbound behind the building. The man said he lost sight of the subject. The man also said that he had a weird feeling when the subject came back off of the roof, so he went around the front of the building to see if anything was happening. When he came around the front of the building, he observed a white male approximately 5’7”, 170 pounds, curly black hair, wearing all black clothing, pounding on something through the window and behind the desk of the business, although he could not make out what he was pounding on. The man advised that a few minutes later, the male subject ran out of the north side exit door of the building and into the drug store parking lot. The man advised that the subject turned southbound onto North Tamiami Trail, turned eastbound onto Colleton Drive and headed possibly toward Carolina Avenue. The man advised that he thinks two people could have been involved, but it could have been the same person, he could not be sure. It should be noted that the female subject refused to give any information advising she did not want to be a ‘snitch.’ A crime scene was established and Criminalistics responded to process the scene. The witness said the subject was driving a pearl white four-door sedan possibly an older style Buick. The city was canvassed for a vehicle matching the description of the vehicle with negative results. Contact was made with the key-holder to the burglarized business to identify what was stolen. The key-holder advised that only two cash drawers were stolen from the structure. He said that no money is kept in the drawers and each drawer is valued at approximately $15 each. It should be noted that there is severe damage to the roof of the structure, specifically the northwest corner where the subject broke in $1,500 estimated in damages) as well as the counter tops that the cash register’s sit on ($500 estimated in damages). The key-holder advised that he will have to contact the corporate office to obtain all video surveillance footage. Criminalistics will follow up.


Missing firearm

8:00 a.m.

Officer Mayforth responded to Bird Key Drive for a report of a missing firearm. The complainant called to report that his Beretta firearm was stolen sometime during the past six weeks. The complainant said he last saw the gun around Oct. 23 and noticed it missing this morning at approximately 8 a.m. He said the gun was left in a plastic bag in the bottom drawer of his nightstand in his bedroom with an extra magazine and box of ammunition. The complainant said for the past six weeks he has been out of town sporadically and has had several people in the house. The complainant said that his neighbor was the designated key holder and was responsible for letting people in the house to do work. The complainant said that the neighbor let an electrician and a handyman in the house unescorted to do work and she would lock up when they were finished. In addition to letting workers in the house, the neighbor let three prospective renters into the house unescorted for approximately one hour during the time the complainant was away. The complainant said he was working on a list of names for the workers and the prospective renters as well as finding the serial number for the firearm. The complainant said that the stolen firearm was a .40 caliber black Beretta Firestorm semi-automatic pistol, fully loaded with 13 rounds in the magazine. The gun is valued at $750. One extra magazine and a box of ammo were left in the plastic bag in the drawer. Officer Mayforth processed the magazine with negative results. The complainant was advised to call as soon as he obtained the serial number for the firearm.  Officer Mayforth was contacted by the complainant by phone and advised that the gun he reported missing was found by his wife on Dec. 5 in a pile of laundry in their house. The case was deactivated as a result.


Suspicious activity

8:21 p.m.

Officer Martinez responded to Bay Shore Road in reference to possible trespassers. Upon arrival, officers made contact with the mentioned trespassing subjects at the dock at the rear of the address. The two advised that they always fish at that location and that they usually do it from the water. They did not know that someone was living at the address and didn’t know that it was a private dock. A warrant check was conducted on both subjects with negative results. Officers made contact with the complainant and homeowner who stated that he only wanted the subjects to leave due to safety concerns because the dock is not sturdy. He advised that he did not want the subjects trespassed. The two subjects left the area without incident.


Suspicious person

8:30 p.m.

Officer Childers responded to Ben Franklin Drive in reference to a suspicious person. The complainant was walking along the beach near the Lido pavilion with his girlfriend when they noticed a strange person that appeared to be following them. The individual in question didn’t say anything but he was walking very close behind them and whistling. The complainant quickly returned to the parking lot of the Lido pavilion where Officer Childers met him in the north parking lot. The individual in question is a white or Hispanic male about 5’10” with a heavy build, short dark hair and little facial hair. He was wearing a red plaid colored long sleeve shirt and tan colored pants. Officer Childers checked the area around the pavilion and Ben Franklin Drive with negative results.


Property damage

4:31 a.m.

Officer Sullivan responded to Fruitville Road in reference to criminal mischief. On scene, Officer Sullivan contacted the owner of the company who advised when he arrived at his practice, he noticed a small window pane to his building was broken. The owner had a fresh cut on his wrist, which was still bleeding on scene. He advised he cut his wrist on the broken glass while reaching into the already broken window to his building. The owner declined response for his injuries. The window was unopened, and the broken window pane was too small for anyone to gain access into the building. It is unknown who or what broke the window. Photographs of the window and the owner’s cut were taken.


Dec. 5

Bucket truck driving erratically

10:19 a.m.

Officer Cespedes responded to Boulevard of the Arts in reference to a bucket truck driving erratically with the bucket up. Officer Cespedes located the truck traveling fast northbound on North Orange Avenue and contacted the truck in the rear alley. The driver exited the truck and appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance. He was scratching himself, unable to stand still, making exaggerated/erratic movements with his arms and speaking so fast Officer Cespedes had to tell him to calm down. His pupils were very constricted. There was no smell of alcoholic beverages on his person. Officer Cespedes contacted his construction supervisor and advised him of his findings. He sent another driver to take possession of the truck without incident. The supervisor advised that this is the second complaint he has received on the original driver. Officer Cespedes advised that at this point there were no criminal charges and that the objective was to make sure that the driver was safe and that the citizens were not in any danger. No further action.


Suspicious art purchase

1:32 p.m.

Officer DeFrancisco responded to South Palm Avenue in reference to a suspicious incident. Upon arrival, he spoke with the owners of the gallery who advised that a man came into the gallery inquiring to buy a cow painting worth $14,000. The man dropped off a cashier’s check for the amount. The man lives in Illinois and was down visiting so the gallery owner advised him it would take a few days to figure out how they would be shipping the painting. After a few days the owner called the man and advised him that the shipping was going to cost $900 and had it all ready to go. Then the man stated that the shipping was getting too complicated and wanted his check back. The gallery owner called the man’s bank and was advised that the money from the check was in his account, however, it was not guaranteed yet. The bank told the gallery owner to wait two weeks to make sure the check would clear before paying the man back. The gallery owner advised the man of the situation and asked him for his routing number so they could wire the money back once it was clear. The man refused to give him his routing number and accused the gallery owner of fraud. The man advised the gallery owner that he wants him to write a check or send the money to his Fed-Ex number. The gallery owner advised he believes this is suspicious because the man will not allow the money to be wired back into the account it came from. The gallery owner advised he wanted to make a police report just in case and stated he has contacted his lawyer and will write an official email to the man stating the situation. The gallery owner stated he has heard of fraudulent activity when it comes to cashier checks. He advised he has no issue paying the man the money, he just wants to make sure its not a fraudulent check first.



8:35 p.m.

Officer McQueen and Officer Taylor were dispatched to 1000 block of North Tamiami Trail to investigate a call of an alleged dispute. Upon arrival, the officers made contact with the manager of the supermarket. The manager told the officers that prior to their arrival, she was involved in a verbal dispute with an unknown white male. She said that the man was at the location arguing with another man and creating a disturbance while engaged in the argument. She said when she asked the man to leave the property, he became enraged and began to curse and yell at her. She said when she told the man that she was going to call 911 to have the police respond, he left the location. Officer McQueen advised her to devise a plan with her co-workers where someone else dials 911 and not inform the suspect. Nothing further.

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