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From an interview with Senator Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) On “Face the Nation”, Dec. 31: (As published in The Wall Street Journal, January 3, 2018)

“Graham:  You’ll ask me in a minute how my relationship has evolved with the president.  It’s evolved because he is president of the United States.  He beat me like a drum, and I want to help him where I can because there’s a lot on this man’s plate and we should all want to help him.

Major Garrett:  What have you learned about him that makes him different  and more – someone you want to work with and can work with (more) than he was when you said he was unfit for office and quite possibly a kook?

Graham:  Yeah, I said everything.  I said he was a xenophobic, rece-baiting, religious bigot.  I ran out of adjectives.  Well, the American people spoke.  They rejected my analysis, and he is now my president.  I worked with President Obama where I could, with President Bush even though I supported Senator McCain.  The bottom line:  he is president of the United States.  I’ve gotten to know him better.  He asks a lot of good questions.

I think he’s made good foreign policy choices.  He’s now arming the Ukraine.  Long  overdue.  He’s got the  right policy to deny North Korea the ability to hit America with a nuclear-tipped missile.  And he is now on the side of the Iranian people.  But he has to do more than watch.  He

Actually has to act.”

Perhaps this is a demonstration of Graham’s thoughts maturing.  I suppose many, including some of us, will go through a similar epiphany.

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  1. ghostrider says:

    epiphany (definition)
    a moment when you suddenly feel that you understand
    I’m waiting for the next circus act.

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