On Patrol Sarasota – Week ending November 24, 2017

The following are actual police reports as written by Sarasota City Police Officers. They are edited for length, punctuation and to protect privacy.


Nov. 14

Drug use

4:02 p.m.

Officer Fergus while on patrol at Central Avenue observed a white female sitting in the alleyway west of Central Avenue. Officer Fergus observed the woman holding a glass crack pipe in her left hand. Officer Fergus then made contact with the white female and identified her. The woman then handed Officer Fergus the crack pipe, which he placed into a brown paper bag. Officer Fergus issued her a summons for the possession of paraphernalia. The paraphernalia was then placed into Sarasota Police Department property as evidence.



4:14 p.m.

Officer Hughes responded to 1000 North Tamiami Trail in reference to a possible trespass. Upon arrival, Officer Hughes made contact with an employee at the gas station who advised there was a white female on the property that she thought may have been trespassed in the past. The employee stated the woman was in her late 40s or early 50s with short blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail and wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans. The employee also stated there was another woman in the parking lot that had stolen beer from them in the past and she thought might have a warrant regarding a past theft case. The employee stated that the woman was in her late 40s, or early 50s, with short blonde hair and wearing an orange shirt. The employee stated both women walked westbound across North Tamiami Trail toward the boat ramp. Officer Hughes responded to the boat ramp and made contact with both women. The first with the white shirt and blue jeans, Officer Hughes ran for warrants and trespass information and came up negative. The second woman with the orange shirt also came up negative for wants and warrants. Officer Hughes advised both subjects to not return to the gas station to avoid any further issues. Both subjects stated they understood and would not return. They advised they were going to walk to the Salvation Army at that time. Nothing further.


Dispute over dogs in cage

10:03 p.m.

Officer Misiti responded to Church Avenue in reference to a dispute. Officer Misiti met with the complainant who advised that her sister and neighbor were involved in a verbal argument. Officer Misiti then made contact with the sister and neighbor. They were standing in the driveway at Church Avenue and were yelling at each other. The sister appeared to be intoxicated. The sister said she was angry because the neighbor kept dogs in a cage outside of her bedroom window. Both parties involved shared a duplex at the address. The sister advised that this has been an ongoing issue and all she wanted was her neighbor to move the dogs aaway from the window. Officer Misiti then spoke with the neighbor who advised that his landlord said he was allowed to keep the dogs caged where they were. He said that he has lived at the location for over 10 years and that the sister recently moved in there the past year. The neighbor said he would move the dogs inside for the night but that he was going to report this to his landlord tomorrow. Officer Misiti provided him with the case number. The neighbor moved the dogs inside and the sister said she was satisfied. She went back inside her home and the neighbor left the area in a vehicle. No further action.


Vehicle burglary

10:15 p.m.

Officer Spencer responded to 3700 block of Tamiami Trail in reference to a vehicle burglary that had just occurred. The complainant advised he was in bed inside his residence when he heard a loud noise at the business across the street. The complainant stated when he looked out his window he observed a male subject with a bicycle near a vehicle in the rear of the business. Officers Carter and Cavallaro were in the area when the call came out and conducted a bicycle stop on a white male on Royal Palm Avenue. The complainant was stopped for riding his bicycle at night without lights. The caller advised the subject stopped by Officers Carter and Cavallaro was the same subject he had seen near the burglarized vehicle. The subject had a large bandage on his right foot and had a crutch with him. The subject advised he had fractured his foot approximately four days ago, but was unsure how it happened. The subject would not advise what he was doing in the area or where he was heading prior to being stopped. As officers were speaking to the complainant, the subject stated, “even if it was me, he wouldn’t be able to tell.” The subject was subsequently read his Miranda Rights from a department issued card at 10:38 p.m. the burglarized vehicle was a company vehicle belonging to a locksmith parked in the rear of the building. The front driver-side window of the vehicle had scratches and marks on it consistent with someone attempting to break the window and gain entry. The rear window of the vehicle was shattered and the glass had been pulled out and dropped on the ground. Several security cameras were affixed to the exterior of the business and “smile, you’re on camera” signs were also posted. Two cameras were attached to the rear corner of the business, one of which was pointing away from the vehicle. The other camera was the closest to the vehicle, but was pointed straight down at the ground. Two employees of the locksmith business responded to the scene. The two employees advised tha the camera pointed at the ground was not supposed to be like that and was most likely moved. The first employee said that particular camera should have been pointed directly at the burglarized vehicle. The first employee showed Officer Carter and Officer Spencer the surveillance footage. At approximately 10:06 p.m., the subject was captured on the camera riding his bicycle in the parking lot of the business. The subject rode his bicycle along the side of the business and stopped directly behind the burglarized vehicle. The subject paused behind the vehicle for several moments before looking directly at the surveillance camera. He then rode his bicycle behind the vehicle and out of the camera’s view. Several moments later, the camera was pushed up so that the vehicle was no longer visible. The camera then was pushed down toward the ground. As the camera was pushed down, a bicycle tire and the end of a crutch were visible in the camera’s view. As the subject moved away form the camera, a shadow of the crutch was seen silhouetted on the ground. The subject was taken subsequently into custody. The subject would not answer questions regarding the incident. A search incident to arrest led to the discovery of a glass stem in the subject’s backpack. The subject was not found in possession of anything that appeared to be from the burglarized vehicle, however, the first employee advised they would have to speak to the employee who was assigned that vehicle to know for sure if anything was taken. The employees conducted a cursory search of the vehicle and did not notice anything missing. The subject was issued a warning for the original bicycle stop and transported to the Sarasota Sheriff’s Office jail without incident. The first employee was able to provide a copy of the surveillance footage, which was entered into Sarasota Police Department property as evidence along with the subject’s crutch. The subject’s backpack and bicycle were also entered into property for safe-keeping. Officer Spencer provided the first employee with a victim’s rights brochure and he advised he would have the employee assigned to the burglarized vehicle contact him if he found anything missing. No further action at this time.


Dispute over girl jumping out of car

11:29 p.m.

Officer Sullivan responded to the 800 block of Tamiami Trail in reference to a dispute. On scene, Officer Sullivan contacted an employee of a security firm who was the complainant. He was third party to a dispute and stated he observed a girl apparently jump from a vehicle at the intersection of Bay Street and Tamiami Trail. The vehicle slowed to a near stop at the intersection at the time. The security guard stated the woman appeared very intoxicated and fell down as she attempted to exit the vehicle. The woman’s friend also exited the vehicle with her. The security guard stated the vehicle then circled into the parking lot, and parked where the driver argued with the other two girls about jumping from his vehicle. The situation raised obvious suspicions and the security guard called law enforcement. Officer Sullivan interviewed the parties on scene separately. All parties were uncooperative during questioning and mentioned they did not want police involvement. The man stated he was giving his friend, the two women, a ride home when the incident occurred. The man stated his friend was very intoxicated and wanted to be dropped off at the restaurant. The man stated he did not want to drop her off there, because he felt it was unsafe for her to be left at the location alone. The man advised as he slowed at the red light directly in front of the restaurant, the woman opened his passenger door and jumped out. Officer Sullivan interviewed the woman who was very intoxicated, she accused the man of shoving her from the vehicle. The woman later conflicted her initial statements that he was attempting to keep her from exiting his vehicle after she told him to let her out. The woman had a minor abrasion on her left know, presumably caused by landing in the pavement outside the vehicle. The woman declined rescue response on scene. The other girl stated she was sitting in the back seat of the car and observed the first girl open the passenger door and fall out of the vehicle. She said she would call an Uber and would bring the first girl home. The two women left with an Uber from the scene without incident. After the two women left the area, the man stated he believed one of the two women was in possession of his phone. He stated the phone had a dead battery and had no way to track it. He has no proof that the two women have his phone, but thinks they have it because they were playing music with it in the vehicle.

After clearing the scene, Officer Sullivan responded to Flores Avenue in reference to a harassment by the man alleging the woman had his phone. On scene, Officer Sullivan contacted the woman’s boyfriend and advised the man had contacted him via Facebook and stated he had the woman’s pink phone which she left in his car. Officer Sullivan observed the Facebook messages, where the driver states he has the woman’s phone and wanted to meet somewhere to exchange phones. The driver’s messages were not threatening in nature. The boyfriend stated to Officer Sullivan he didn’t want to meet the driver without law enforcement because he feared he would physically harm the driver after the girlfriend told him about what had happened. The boyfriend was told by the girlfriend that the driver had pushed her from a moving vehicle. Officer Sullivan informed the boyfriend that witnesses on scene corroborated the driver’s story and stated that his girlfriend jumped out of the vehicle on her own. Officer Sullivan recommended that the boyfriend and the driver arrange a time to meet at Sarasota Police headquarters to exchange the phones. The boyfriend wanted to press charges on the driver for a phone theft. Officer Sullivan advised him because the driver contacted him stating he was in possession of the phone and was making attempts to give it back, his actions did not constitute a theft. Dispatch later called and advised the driver contacted them and advised he wanted to meet to exchange phones, however the boyfriend told him that he was going to jail for stealing the phone so he was never able to meet with the driver again. End of report.

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