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We went to Massachusetts last week (11/4 – 11/12).

While I was away our Editor ran a piece I had given him on my acquiring 80 years.  Of course he has complete discretion on what to print.  I told him that I understood that.  On my return yesterday I saw  it in our print edition.  So this may be the moment, 11/14/17 to expose the short piece I wrote on the flights and on the ground.  Hope you like it, as I like writing these travelogues.  Here goes.


Travel:  LBK to Boston

It’s still dark when a neighbor comes to our house to take us to the airport – yes that’s SRQ  The sun comes up quickly on this autumn day.  A bit chilly for the flight to Washington, Reagan.  That’s my favorite City for viewing from the air.

It’s a bit light on the CRJ 900 aircraft, but we all make it on time.  We push back for an on-time departure, on this beautiful morning.  Flight time is 1HR 50 Min.  Take off on runway 14 – 32, an 8,000 ft runway. A cloudless sky over Sarasota  heading North along our Gulf coast.   Gets hazy as we overfly the Florida peninsula.  About an hour out of SRQ we pass over a large power plant – a nuclear plant at that.  There is a river flowing by, providing cooling water for the plant.  As we fly north low hazy stratus clouds dominate the view.  The seasons are clearly changing.  We fly along – On Top as thy say.  Not much to see over the Carolinas as we make our approach.

Captain says DCA (Reagan) 50 derees, Wind @ 10 mph.  200 miles out of Reagan it gets just a bit bumpy.  The sun continues to shine.  Landing at Reagan from the South.

Our continuing flight to Boston seems to be from an inconvenient gate, involving two elevator rides and a very short bus ride.  This is not a good/convenient connection  One hour flight time to Logan the Captain of out Embrier 190 announces.  We fly over the seemingly never finished I 495 bridge complex over the Potomac.


DCA to Logan

Our full, if not a shuttle flight is full.  It’s cheaper.

The weather aloft is the same as encountered south of D.C.

Moderate chop is experienced east of Kennedy Airport in New York. Socked-In, visibility improved over eastern Long Island.  Captain says ETA at Logan is 1403, actually a bit early for a 2:10 arrival.  We’re at 23,000 feet over Long Island Sound, Great South Bay, Connecticut,

Rhode  Island, Providence and into Boston.  This is a Northeast flight.  Most folks don’t even look out.  A Cohasset neighbor meets us outside the terminal (much to the chagrin of a Massachusetts Trooper).It’s more than chilly outside on a pleasant Boston afternoon in November. On a non-traffic Saturday we move quickly 25+ miles in a red GMC pickup.

Mike is a Master Electrician.  Fortunately, some things don’t change

In that red truck again, I’m chauffeured to Dr. Marks office.  He’s part of that 80 year acquisition.

On Saturday, the 11th we reverse course, a bit different:  Boston to Charlotte to Sarasota, SRQ again.    It is cool for New Englanders, cold to you all:  Temps 28/36.  Our neighbor/hostess drives us on the Scituate/

  Logan leg in late morning.  This involved a trip down memory lane through Scituate, Cohasset, Hingham, Weymouth, Quincy, Boston.  They say you can never go back home.  I’m not so sure – it was a great tour/ride.

After a delay of about an hour in departure gate , aircraft, crew we’re on the way to Charlotte, the Queen City.  The New York based crew tried to make up the time, but it was too late.  The snazzy new Boeing 737 is great..  The Sarasota flight had left for home.  We got to ride in an almost equally cold Charlotte van to a motel for the night.  I was thinking at this point : Don’t SRQ.

That was unfair.  We met many super airline employees , especially at Washington National and at Charlotte.  They made it a bit easier for me to follow my newly established plan and think positively.  I did, in spite of challenges.  The trip on Saturday morning from Charlotte to Sarasota was just fine.  Somewhat  reluctantly, I am still convinced – SRQ.


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