Sarasota City News Letters – Week ending November 17, 2017

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So much for traffic planners!

To: Editor

In an effort to expedite traffic going North on Tamiami Trail and relieving the traffic tie up coming off the Ringling Bridge their initial effort is going to make things worse. Keeping in mind that we are not even close to peak season I had to wait through two lights and almost witnessed a rear end collision that would have me sitting in my car for at least a half hour or more.

Apparently anticipating the time when they have a round about at Fruitville Road and the old entrance to the Quay they eliminated all left turns on Tamiami Trail for traffic going North or South of the Fruitville stop light and the light that controls traffic coming off the bridge. I would imagine this will impact the Pizza Parlor’s business. Since my condo on Tamiami is North of Fruitville, I have yet to figure out how to buy a Pizza at Joey D’s and get it home while it is still warm, I know they have lost my business.

However, the real problem is the traffic going North that want to go to Joey D’s, the Vue or the Ritz Carlton can’t get there with out making a U-turn at the Fruitville Light. We all know between the left turn signal at the Fruitville light and the hundreds of cars waiting  to go South through that light  even in the off season traffic is heavy

What is now happening that was just a little problem before is when the traffic in the left lane going North on Tamiami doesn’t move. In season this will clog up all the cars coming off the bridge making a left turn on Tamiami.

What I have now been witnessing is multiple cars not moving all waiting to make a U-turn to go South on Tamiami. This only worsens the problem as only one car can normally make a U-turn before the lights change. I seen several time are three or more cars  waiting to make a left turn before the lights changed. The 3rd car misjudged the turn and had to stop blocking traffic in every direction.

Good planning guys.

P.S. The guy that almost rear ended me did no serious damage to my car. I was lucky.

An on left turn sign might help but that might upset the Vue, Joey D’s and the Ritz.

Don Hase



Documentation for FEMA

To: Sarasota City Commission

Please find some fliers in multiple languages that you can print and hand out if any individuals ask you about providing documentation to FEMA or determination letters.  If you do not need please disregard.  As always any questions please call.

Timothy Pratt

Intergovernmental Affairs

Specialist-External Affairs



To: FEMA Intergovernmental Affairs Timothy Pratt

I met with a resident this week who was denied on both the home and the business side.

He has appealed the home denial, but wants to know if there is an appeals process for the business side?

FYI: he has a home office and runs his business out of his home.  Was without power for 2 weeks, and lost significant revenue during this time.

Please assist.  I’d like to put him in touch with an actual person that can provide assistance.

Shelli Freeland Eddie




Lido Pavilion plan recommendations

To: City Commission

At the regular City Commission meeting of November 6, 2017, I indicated that I had some revisions to the proposed Lease Agreement with Lido Beach Redevelopment Partners, LLC that I would like to recommend.

Rather than read those comments into the record of the November 6, 2017 when everyone knew that the item would be continued to the regular meeting of November 17, 2017, I said that I would put those recommendations in writing and provide the City Commission with that writing prior to the November 17th meeting.

My recommendations are contained in items 1 through 7 of the attachment to this email.  None of these recommendations really change the substantive matters that were negotiated between the staff and the prospective Tenant.  These recommendations have been discussed with Lido Beach Redevelopment Partners, LLC.  However, I have not taken the additional time to incorporate these recommendations into the proposed Lease Agreement as I would prefer to wait for the outcome of the vote on this item before doing so.

Item no. 8 on the attached list was discussed at a meeting between staff and Lido Beach Redevelopment Partners, LLC that I attended on November 13, 2017.  The prospective tenants advised that due to the possible thirty (30) year term of the lease that they would prefer to make the lease assignable subject to the consent of the City Commission and approval of the prospective assignee based on the prospective assignee’s experience and ability to operate and manage the leasehold.  Staff indicated that this revision was acceptable.  This provision can certainly be discussed at greater length on November 17th.

Robert Fournier

City Attorney, Sarasota


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