On Patrol Sarasota – Week ending November 3, 2017

The following are actual police reports as written by Sarasota City Police Officers. They are edited for length, punctuation and to protect privacy.

Oct. 30

Marchman Act

1:33 a.m.

Officer Collins and Officer Raulerson were dispatched to Boulevard of the Arts in reference to an impaired person. Upon arrival, contact was made with Hyatt Regency security officer who advised that a female subject had been evicted from the hotel room for smoking inside as well as being obnoxious, waking up room tenants, and screaming in the hallways. Security advised they gave her many chances but had to evict her. Contact was made with the woman who was wobbly sitting on a bench, she could not sit up straight. The woman was calling security numerous obscene names, officers had them leave the area because she was screaming so loud. When having a conversation with her, she advised that she was in Georgia visiting family, when she was actually in Florida. The woman continued to call all officers obscene names, telling officers she’s fine and did not need help. After observing the woman for more than ten minutes it was clear that she was a danger to herself and others if officers did not take her into custody. Officer Collins attempted to walk her to the patrol car. The woman proceeded to fall on the ground and officers had to catch her. The woman then started rolling on the ground telling officers to get away from her. Officers had her sit on the curb so that she would not fall over. EMS was called to transport the woman to SMH for a Marchman Act. When EMS arrived, two officers, and two EMS personnel had to lift her onto the EMS stretcher. The woman was strapped down onto the stretcher and handcuffed because she was flailing and screaming. Once officers arrived at the hospital, the woman continued to flail, scream and roll around on the ground once the handcuffs were removed. The woman was subsequently held down onto a hospital bed until she could calm down. Once the woman calmed down, while her vitals were being taken, the woman elbowed a hospital nurse who is a few weeks pregnant, in the stomach. The woman was transported into a hospital room until she calmed down and sobered up, that someone could pick her up from the hospital. The woman was charged with Simple Battery for elbowing the nurse in the stomach. Nothing further.


Vehicle burglary

9:30 p.m.

Officer Castro responded to N. Washington Boulevard in reference to a vehicle burglary. The complainant stated that someone stole the tail lights off a truck that was on the sale lot. The tail lights were LED and cost approximately $200. The complainant was able to capture the suspect taking the light off the vehicle, on video but the lighting was poor so it was very difficult to get an accurate description of the person. Officer Castro was unsure of the color of the clothing the suspect was wearing due to the poor video image. Officer Castro processed the vehicle for latent prints with negative results. There are no suspects at this time. The complainant stated she would have her video tech burn a disc of the video for the investigation. She indicated a written statement she wished to prosecute. The case was forwarded to CID for investigation.


Oct. 31


11:45 p.m.

Officer Schwenk responded to N. Conrad Avenue in response to a burglary. Officer Schwenk met with the victim at her residence and she advised that when she returned home at approximately 11:45 she noticed that her purse was missing from the living room table. The victim also stated that several doors which are normally closed were open. The victim continued that she didn’t realize that someone had taken her purse until today. The victim stated that her son was home from 9 p.m. and slept through the burglary. The son had stated to her that the purse was on the living room table when he came home. The victim’s cousin who also resides at the home informed the victim that her room had been ransacked and a cell phone and two watches were missing form the room. It was not clear what time the cousin had returned home. The cousin also explained to the victim that she saw a black man approximately six feet tall, thin build, in his 20s, with should length dreads walk by the side window in the back yard, which is fenced in. the cousin had stated to the victim that she witnessed the subject at approximately 12:05 a.m. The victim advised that it would be unusual for anyone to be in that area as the gate is kept closed and the fence is six feet tall. The victim believes that the unknown man may be the suspect for the burglary. Officer Schwenk attempted to locate fingerprints on multiple surfaces in several rooms, however the surfaces revealed no latent fingerprints. The front door had been left unlocked by the owner and no signs of forced entry were evident. At this time, Officer Schwenk has no further evidence to submit.


Nov. 1

Suspicious activity

1:40 a.m.

Officer Taylor responded to S. Tamiami Trail regarding a loitering and prowling incident. Upon arrival, Officer Taylor met with the subject who fit the description of the possible suspect that was seen peering into vehicles and aimlessly walking around the parking lot. The subject was seated inside a Hyundai Sonata. The subject advised that he simply came outside from his hotel room to grab cigarettes. Officers made contact with the vehicle’s registered owner who advised that the subject was permitted inside t he vehicle and had been with her this evening. Dispatch informed Officer Taylor that the vehicle was listed as abandoned out of Manatee County Sheriff’s office. The incident was updated to a suspicious incident.


Suspicion of potential harm

7:47 a.m.

Officer Gilbert responded to 3500 block of S. Tamiami Trail for a possible Baker Act. The complainant said that her employee made a few statements this morning that alarmed her. He mentioned that his life is worth nothing and doesn’t care what happens to himself. Officer Gilbert spoke to the employee on scene and conducted an evaluation on him. He was visibly upset with his family and personal life. However, he did not want to harm himself or anyone else. He refused any volunteer assistance. Based on CIT training and experience, the employee does not fit the criteria at this time.



2:00 p.m.

Officer DeFrancisco responded to N. Lime Avenue in reference to a trespass. Officer DeFrancisco and other officers spoke with the subject who would not leave the area. The complainant advised that the subject was causing a disturbance and that she asked him to leave. The complainant advised that she would like him trespassed from the property. Officers made contact with the subject in the parking lot. The employee advised that the subject was no longer welcome on the property and that he is trespassed. The subject was entered into the trespass log.


Possession of Marijuana

5:32 p.m.

Officer Schwenk arrived at Brewer Place in reference to a woman asleep inside a vehicle. Dispatch reported that a woman sitting in the driver’s seat of a black SUV had been present at the intersection of Irving Street/Brewer Place. Officers located the car facing east on Irving Street. The 2014 black Ford Explorer was not running but did have a woman sleeping in the driver’s seat. Officer Schwenk knocked on the passenger side window and the woman began to wake up. The woman eventually rolled her window down and spoke with Officer Lockwood. While the woman was retrieving her driver’s license, Officer Schwenk witnessed the woman moving and attempting to conceal a small zip lock baggie, which appeared to have greenish brown leafy material inside. Officer Schwenk instructed the woman to show him the baggie, which through training and experience appeared to be consistent with marijuana. The woman refused to show him the baggie and Officer Schwenk then commanded her to exit the vehicle. The woman then stated its just a little weed. The woman stepped from the vehicle and Officer Schwenk located the zip lock baggie with marijuana inside. The baggie was located inside the subject’s purse which was sitting on the passenger seat. Further search of the vehicle revealed one glass crack pipe located inside the center console. The woman was issued Summons’ for both violations.


Suspicious activity

8:35 p.m.

Officer Collins responded to a phone in call from Rose Street about a suspicious incident. The complainant advised that she has been noticing a silver Chrysler driving in her neighborhood in the past few weeks, usually in the early mornings. The complainant advised that when she walks her dog, she notices the vehicle down the same streets that she walks on. The complainant advised she is not sure what is going on, she has not had any type of encounter or contact with the vehicle, but she wanted to make it known that the vehicle drives in her neighborhood randomly. The complainant advised she last saw the vehicle Sunday morning at 6:30 a.m. The complainant was advised to call the police if she feels unsafe the next time she sees the vehicle. Nothing further.


Suspicious hurricane window salesman

8:53 p.m.

Officer Collins responded to a phone in call from Camino Real in reference to a suspicious incident. The complainant advised that a man came to her door at Camino Real attempted to sell a Hurricane Window System and she declined his services. The complainant advised that she thought it was suspicious and wanted to report the incident. The complainant explained that her house was broken into a few months ago and she is very wary about people in her neighborhood. The complainant advised that she isn’t sure if he’s actually selling a window system or not, but she wanted to make a report just in case. Nothing further.



11:55 p.m.

Officer Worthington responded to Ringling Boulevard in reference to a disturbance at the bar. An unknown man came into the bar and tried to sell drugs to customers earlier in the night. The man returned and began causing problems again. The complainant told the man he had to leave. The man became upset and tried to grab the complainant over the bar. An unknown customer pulled the  man away from the complainant and struggled with him on the floor. The customer got the man outside and he continued to argue with the staff. Finally, the man walked away, possibly toward N. Washington Boulevard. Officer Worthington did not locate the man. He was approximately 20-30 years of age, black male, and wore a brown shirt with a blue jacket. His hat had unknown writing on it. The customer told the complainant that he did not want to leave his name and number to speak with police, he was also gone upon the officer’s arrival. The complainant was advised to call police if the unknown man returns. No further information.

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