On Patrol Sarasota – Week ending October 27, 2017

The following are actual police reports as written by Sarasota City Police Officers. They are edited for length, punctuation and to protect privacy.

Oct. 17

Lewd activity

10:00 p.m.

Officer Spencer responded to Greensboro Lane in reference to lewd activity. Officer Spencer made contact with two female complainants who both attend Ringling College.  The women advised they both had a similar experience with the same unknown man on Oct. 17. The first woman stated she was walking northbound on Old Bradenton Road from Martin Luther King between 11:00 p.m. and 11:45 p.m. when she observed a tan or beige car driving slowly alongside her. The woman stated a man driving the vehicle called out to her asking for directions. The woman said she asked where he was trying to go and he replied, “downtown.” The woman stated the male continue to ask her but lowered his voice and she approached the vehicle to hear him better. The woman said the man continued to mention “downtown” and by that point she was close enough to the vehicle to see that he had his pants unzipped and had exposed himself. The woman stated she backed away from the car quickly and the man drove off. The woman advised she notified Ringling Campus security shortly after and a report was made. The other woman stated she was walking northbound on Central Avenue at approximately 11:00 p.m. when she observed a beige colored four-door car driving slowly out of the corner of her eye. The second woman said she had earphones in and she took them out when she noticed a man calling out to her from the vehicle. The second woman said the man asked her where the nearest police station was and then asked where she lived. The second woman said she began to feel uncomfortable by the man and then he asked if he could show her something. The second woman’s stated she didn’t respond but she was close enough to the vehicle to see that he had exposed himself. Both women described the vehicle as a tan or beige four-door sedan, but they were unable to provide a tag number. One of the women advised she saw the front left headlight of the vehicle was very dim or out. The suspect was described as an Hispanic man approximately 21 to 25 years old, short dark hair, and wearing a salmon-colored shirt. Due to the time lapse and lack of suspect information, this is the only suspicious incident at this time. No further action.


Oct. 21


12:00 p.m.

Officer Stoll responded to Bay Street in reference to a burglary. Officer Stoll met with the victim who stated that she had returned home from vacation and discovered that her home had been broken into. The complainant stated that she left her residence on Oct. 20 at 12 p.m. and returned on Oct. 25 at 7 p.m. The complainant stated that several jewelry pieces, credit cards and other items were missing from her home. The victim stated that the suspect(s) entered through the rear window, which was broken out, and exited the residence through the rear sliding glass door. Officer Stoll did observe that the rear window was broken out and the screen cut. The screen door on the back porch was also punched out.  Officer Stoll canvassed the neighbors and was able to make contact with the next door neighbors who stated that on Oct. 22 around 6 p.m. an unknown subject approached their home. They stated that the subject asked if he could mow their lawn. They said they found this strange since they did not have any grass. The neighbors statd that the subject was acting strangely during their encounter with him and when he left their residence he walked up and down the street several times looking at the surrounding houses. The neighbors believed he may have been casing the surrounding homes for possible burglaries. They also said that they may be able to pick the subject out of a photo lineup should his identity be discovered. The neighbors described the subject as a young white man possibly 17-20 years old, tall and very thin with shaved blonde hair. He was last seen wearing a gray shirt and black pants. They stated that the subject spoke as if he was uneducated and seemed to be very tired. The neighbors did manage to take a photo of the subject but it does not show his face or any other identifying features. Due to the amount taken from the residence, criminalistics was called out to the scene.


Oct. 23

Stolen vehicle

12:33 a.m.

Officer Cox responded to Flores Avenue in response to a stolen vehicle. Officer Cox arrived and spoke with the victim who stated he was in bed when he heard a motor revving in his driveway. He looked outside and saw his 1998 black Dodge Dakota truck leaving his driveway. The victim stated he was not able to see who was driving it and it left in an unknown direction. The victim had his 2012 black BMW parked behind the truck and the suspect struck the front driver’s side corner causing damage. The victim stated there was ¾ tank of gas and the keys were not with the vehicle. The victim stated the truck is registered to his business. The vehicle was possibly left unlocked. Officer Cox issued a BOLO on the truck.


Oct. 24


2:08 p.m.

Officer Bishop arrived at the 2300 block of Fruitville Road in reference to a trespass. When Officer Bishop arrived, three men were on the west side of the property with open containers. The three were asked to gather their belongings and vacate the property. Two of the men had no active warrants or previous trespass warnings for this location. The third did have an active warrant. Officer Bishop informed the three they were trespassing and the property is in the Trespass Enforcement Program. The three men advised they understood the terms of the trespass warning and began packing their belongings. Officer Bishop encouraged the three men to utilize available local resources for homeless individuals.


Oct. 25

Uber needed

1:08 a.m.

Officer Raulerson responded to Ringling Boulevard in reference to a miscellaneous officer. Upon arrival, Officer Raulerson observed a subject standing outside of his vehicle. The subject identified himself and said he fell asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle waiting to give a ride to his friends who were intoxicated. The subject advised he did not feel like he should be driving as tired as he was and asked if he could assist him getting home. Officer Raulerson used the subject’s phone to call an Uber which arrived on scene. The subject asked Officer Raulerson to hold his keys for safekeeping and he would retrieve them from the police department tomorrow. The subject said he did not want to leave his keys with his friends because they were too intoxicated to drive. The Uber driver arrived to take the subject home.


Civil dispute

2:15 a.m.

Officer Uchida arrived at S. Washington Boulevard in reference to a dispute. He made contact with the complainant who stated that he was upset at the restaurant for refusing him services. The complainant stated that he attempted to make an order but was denied due to an unknown reason. The complainant advised the employees within the store were also mocking him and telling him to go away. Officer Uchida made contact with the subject who stated that their computers were down and was unable to serve the food due to that issue. The subject advised that she had advised the complainant of the problem and that he was not satisfied with the answer. Officer Uchida advised the complainant that this was a civil issue and that he may contact the corporate office if he wished. The complainant stated he would wait for the morning manager to arrive and would talk to him. Officer Uchida requested the complainant to temporarily leave the area in order to prevent future issues to which the complainant understood. The complainant advised he would return in the morning to speak with a manager.



8:00 a.m.

Officer Perkins responded to the front desk of the police department in reference to a harassment call. The complainant advised that he wanted to make a report about receiving threatening messages from an old friend. According to the complainant he befriended another man in the past. He claims that he took him in to “take care” of him and “help him out.” Their friendship recently took a turn for the worse when the friend was arrested and according to the complainant, he was blamed for it. The complainant stated that the friend is under the impression that he was turned in by him. The complainant denies these accusations and says that he has nothing to do with it. Since the friend’s arrest he has been calling the complainant’s phone and his mother’s phone and using foul language and cursing. On Oct. 21, the friend was allegedly released from jail and after he was, he called the complainant’s mother’s phone just to let her know that he was out of jail now. No threats were made. Since Monday, the complainant has received three new voicemails from the friend on his phone. Officer Perkins listened to the voicemails which only used foul language and called the complainant vulgar names and at one point the former friend says that there are “people looking” for the complainant but does not say specifically who nor does he make a direct threat. The only thing that is said is that he “better watch his back.” At this time the voicemails are obnoxious in nature but no crime nor threat was made. The complainant stated he was in fear for his safety and was going to have to stay somewhere else until he felt safe again.


Arrest for trespassing

9:49 a.m.

Officer Buck responded to South Osprey parking garage in reference to a man sleeping there. Upon arrival, Officer Buck observed the man sleeping under a blanket in the parking garage of the location. Officer Buck made contact with the man and properly identified him. Officer Buck did an NCIC/FCIC/Trespass file check through dispatch who advised that the man had previously trespassed. Officer Buck issued the man a summons for trespass after warning and the man acknowledged the court date on his copy of the summons. The man was last seen leaving the area heading north toward Main Street.


Tire marks on pavement

3:00 p.m.

Officer Maszak responded to the 3900 block of Fruitville Road in reference to property damage. Officer Maszak met with the employee of the school who stated that sometime between 3 p.m. on Oct. 24 and 9:30 a.m. on Oct. 25, an unknown subject rode a bicycle through the school and put skid marks on the concrete. The employee stated that she suspects a neighbor child as she had seen him on the property before the skid marks appeared. The employee advised that she has approached the juvenile in the past and he had admitted to previous skid marks. When confronted the juvenile stated that he crashed on his bicycle and that is what caused the marks. The employee advised that she was requested by her boss to file a report. The employee stated that the juvenile lives in the apartments behind the school and has a black dog. Officer Maszak drove through the complex and was unable to locate the juvenile at the time of this report. Officer Maszak attached photos of the skid marks to the report. There are no surveillance cameras in the area and no witnesses to the incident.

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