Longboat Key Letters – Week ending October 13, 2017

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Appreciation for the News

To: Editor

As a permanent resident of Longboat Key, I would like to express my appreciation to Mr. Steve Reid and his colleagues for their publication of The Longboat Key News. The paper is an invaluable source of local information: the machinations of town politics, the regular news on sea turtle nesting and enforcement, and the continuing saga of traffic planning through St. Armands to Sarasota. Your editorial on the Sarasota Bayfront Plan was particularly interesting and thoughtful.

My thanks for all the work that goes into producing the paper which we then get to enjoy without cost.

Philip Alsop

Longboat Key


Town Center feedback requested

To: Town Commission

I just wanted to reach out and see if there are any outstanding comments to the program information that Dr. Larry Thompson shared at the September 25, 2017 commission meeting. Please let me know of any additional comments to the information, if possible, by the end of this week.  My goal is to send any feedback to the Ringling College of Art and Design on Monday next week so that Ayres-Saint Gross (ASG) can finalize the Preliminary Design & Programming Report by October 19.

Once received, the final report will be distributed to the Town Commission and discussed for approval tentatively at a November Commission meeting.

Please feel free to reach to me with any comments.

Isaac Brownman

Public Works Director

Longboat Key


To: Public Works Director Isaac Brownman

Thanks Isaac. While I have no additional comments for Ringling; just a reminder in your new Town Center role to keep in mind our discussions last week with respect to the Tennis Center.

Jack Daly

Commissioner, Longboat Key


Debris removal update

To: Town Commission

Latest from Mark Richardson:

Days Operational: 15

Cubic yards hauled away as of 10-5-17 = 8,464

Crews are averaging about 10-15 truckloads and 350-750 cubic yards a day.

Ashbritt continues to clear side streets from Royal Road to Dream Island and Gulf of Mexico Drive.

Ceres has cleared almost everything behind the gates of Bay Isles and should be complete by this weekend.

Dave Bullock

Town Manager


Debris Removal Update

To: Town Manager Dave Bullock

Days Operational: 20

Cubic yards hauled away as of 10-10-17 = 10,078

Crews are averaging about 4-8 truckloads and 175-350 cubic yards a day.

Ashbritt has cleared most side streets at this time. They continue to clear GMD, parks and a handful of side streets needing additional debris picked up.

Mark Richardson

Streets, Facilities, Parks & Recreation Manager

Longboat Key


Joint Commission Meeting requested

To: Manatee County Commissioner Betsy Benac

On behalf of the Town of Longboat Key Commission, I write to request your consideration for scheduling a joint meeting between our Commission and the Manatee County Board of County Commissioners.

Considering that half of Longboat Key’s geographical boundaries fall within Manatee County and approximately 2,400 of our citizens reside within Manatee County, a joint meeting would provide a forum for us to discuss our mutual interests in serving those residens. Having this meeting would also provide an opportunity to address other topics of regional importance. We meet annually in a joint meeting with the Sarasota County Commission, which both parties have found very productive.

Potential topics could include:

• Longboat Key Utility Undergrounding and Fiber Update.

• Barrier Island Traffic Mitigation Study Update.

• Hurricane Irma – Lessons Learned.

• Longboat Key Gulf of Mexico Drive Corridor Plan.

• Regional Coordination of Beach Nourishment Projects.

• Greer Island

• Challenges of Being Two Counties.

We would appreciate sitting down with our colleagues from Manatee County and look forward to working with you on potential dates and topics for us to discuss.

Terry Gans


Longboat Key


To: Mayor Terry Gans

Thanks, will get with Ed and our Board and get back to you soon!

Betsy Benac

Manatee County Commissioner


Candidate Qualifying

To: Commissioner Randy Clair

Congratulations!  The Town Clerk’s office has received notification from the Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections that your candidate petitions have been certified thus qualifying you for the Town Commission District 1 seat in the March 2018 election cycle.

Please review your Candidate notebook which contains important information on campaign filing dates (Tab 1) and regulations relating to the placement of campaign signs (Tab 3).

If you have any questions on the election process and candidate responsibilities, please stop by the Clerk’s office and we will be happy to assist.

Trish Granger

Town Clerk

Longboat Key


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