On Patrol – Week ending September 22, 2017

The following are actual police reports as written by Longboat Key Police Officers. They are edited for length, punctuation and to protect privacy.

Sept. 16

Noise disturbance

2:53 p.m.

Officer Houchins was dispatched to 3400 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive on a report of loud music. When Officer Houchins arrived, he spoke with the manager who stated that there was a group of people with loud music that would not turn it down. The manager stated that the music was bothering other guests. Officer Houchins went to the room from which the music was coming from and knocked on the door. There was a group of eight persons, none of whom indicated that they spoke English. Officer Houchins was able to make them understand that their music was too loud and they indicated that they understood and turned it down.


Truck in neighbor’s driveway causes consternation

4:02 p.m.

Officer Houchins was dispatched to Halyard Lane in regards to a report of a disturbance between two males. When Officer Houchins arrived, he first spoke with the complainant who said that he had come home to his residence and found a black pickup truck backed into his driveway. The complainant said that he did not know who the truck belonged to. He stated that the residence next door to his, had a moving truck and it appeared several people were unloading furniture. The complainant said that he went next door and asked who the truck belonged to. The complainant said that a man came out saying that it was his truck and he had parked it at Halyard thinking that the residence was empty. The complainant said that he asked the owner to remove the truck from the driveway. The complainant said that the owner of the truck got an attitude and started being verbally belligerent. Officer Houchins then spoke to the owner of the truck. He stated that he was in the process of moving into the neighboring house on Halyard and had backed his truck into the driveway thinking that the house was vacant. The owner stated that the complainant came out and was being very rude and obnoxious about the situation. The owner stated that he didn’t want to argue or engage with the complainant over the issue and went to remove the truck. No criminal activity occurred, both parties were cautioned to leave each other alone. End of report.


Hurricane Irma damages chimney

9:40 p.m.

Officer Smith and Sgt. Coffman responded to Mistletoe Lane regarding a strange noise coming from the fireplace in the home. The homeowner was concerned the noise might be caused by an animal or bird trapped in the chimney. Upon arrival, it was determined the noise was coming from a loose metal flange at the top of the chimney. The metal flange, most likely damaged during Hurricane Irma, was lifting in the breeze and then would fall back down. The sound was reverberating through the chimney and could be heard inside the home. It was noted that the home had sustained some other wind damage on the same side of the house. The homeowner indicated they will add the chimney to their list of items in need of repair from the storm. Case closed.


Sept. 19

Suspicious vehicle

6:46 p.m.

Officer Bidwell was sent to 3100 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive in reference to a suspicious Ford Windstar parked out in front of a closed business. Caller advised the van had been there over two hours. The van had a flat left rear tire. The driver had left a note on the window saying they had left to get a new tire and would return within two hours. Nothing further. Case closed.






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