Longboat Key Letters – Week ending August 25, 2017

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Proposed Colony impact on Key tennis

To: Editor

This is a follow up to my recent letter expressing concern about the high potential negative impact of the current proposal which will come before the Town Commission.

The concern is about the fact that the proposal includes no tennis courts for their guests

and residents and that the 10 court LBK Municipal Tennis Center which is already overwhelmed with players during the season will become a nightmare for four or five months.

I have received significant response to my letter and have been encouraged to offer some

suggestions on how the subject might be handled.

I offer the following from the perspective of a career as a Labor Relations Executive who

negotiated several agreements with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

which covered thousands of workers in multi locations.

To use a corny expression I would suggest that our Town Commissioners put the ball “squarely in the Court of Unicorp” by telling them that they have made a proposal which if accepted will have an extremely negative impact on the recreational activities of the 400 members of the Longboat Key Tennis Center along with others who play there.

I would tell them that since they are the cause of the problem it is a condition of approval

that they provide a solution.

One possibility would be for them to provide for a number of courts adequate to meet the needs of their guests. A second would be for them to finance five new courts at the LBK Center and a third for them to make some arrangement with the Longboat Key Club or The Cedars which will be difficult since they both are very busy already during season.

At any rate, it should be made crystal clear to them that they are responsible for a fix since they are the cause of the problem.

It is also important for Town Commissioners to not forget the overwhelming “No” votes of residents on recent referendums and to carry the spirit and letter of that vote into negotiations with Unicorp.

Since we do not have the opportunity to vote on this proposal we are depending on our Commissioners to represent our best interests and not those of the developer if there is a conflict— and there is.

William B Allen

Longboat Key


Response to Aug. 18 Unicorp letter

To: Editor

My wife and I moved to Longboat Key three years ago; one of the reasons was because it wasn’t crowded. Besides extra traffic, crowded stores and restaurants and more vacationing people, tell me the value for those of us that reside here in adding another development? Most agree the traffic is already difficult, at best, in the winter.

Your track record is enviable, but how does it benefit us? You’re building it to make profit, not to enhance our lifestyle. Your project will bring construction noise for years, then more people and traffic, an influx of short-term folks. None of this improves my lifestyle.

Knock down the mess known as the Colony, then show us a plan to enhance Longboat Key, not just your profits.

George Reenstra

Longboat Key


Thank You!

To: Mayor Terry Gans

Thank you Mr. Mayor and to the others who testified on our behalf regarding the Gulfstream and Route 41 intersection traffic problem. Well done!

Bob Gault

Longboat Key


Tree Limbs on Winslow

To: Town Manager Dave Bullock

Thanks Dave.

BJ Bishop


Planning and Zoning Board


To: Town Commission

Just spent some time on site with property maps, ownership details, etc. Will have a follow up summary report tomorrow or Friday.

Dave Bullock

Town Manager

Longboat Key


Tree limbs on Winslow

To: Nelson Goldner

As a follow up to your recent inquiry, please understand that upon notice, I am advised that the Town will address and clear tree limbs that block your private neighborhood roads, recognizing that any such clearing on private properties is the private neighborhood’s responsibility. Also, there are other options your neighborhood association may consider. More details will be explained directly to you by a Town Staff contact in the very near future. I am providing your phone number to the staff for their follow up.

Jack Daly


Longboat Key


Tree limbs on Winslow

To: Commissioner Jack Daly

Jack, Nelson, others, I have had several conversations with Chris and James at town. I am not sure anyone understands the ongoing issue is the two derelict lots that are not part of our HOA continue to cause the problem. We have no ability to get any cooperation from them and Juan told me they would not clean up a private street. Hope Jack has gotten some better answers.

BJ Bishop

Planning and Zoning Board Chair

Longboat Key


To: Commissioner Jack Daly, P&Z Chair BJ Bishop, Town Manager Dave Bullock, Town Clerk Trish Granger

Thank you all for your concern. We will wait for someone from the town staff to contact us as you mentioned in your message.

We are really interested in the safety and welfare of the people that live on Winslow Place and Buttonwood Harbour.

Nelson Goldner

Longboat Key


Barrier Island Traffic Issues

To: FDOT Secretary L.K. Nandam

Please accept my thanks and appreciation for all your efforts during the Sarasota Town Commission meeting on Monday with respect to approval of a third northbound lane at the intersection of Gulfgate and Route 41, which I understand should be in place by the end of this year. On a related matter, with respect to the Phase one Barrier Island Study Consultant’s conclusion that the evaluation of additional potential traffic remediation study alternatives for the intersections at U.S. 41 and Fruitville and Gulfstream are “relevant but – not within the scope of the study;” I offer the following contrary response: As has been repeatedly pointed out, these intersections involve the most crucial regional ingress and egress routes for the South end of Longboat Key. Recognizing that past studies (e.g. 2016 By Kittleson) and current plans involve ongoing FDOT projects for this area , I urge that such should not preclude evaluations of additional alternatives at these intersections to be conducted  during the Study (e.g.;  above highway / roundabout crosswalks come to mind). I submit that FDOT should continue to strive for improvements in this critical corridor to at least identify all possible traffic remedies for the barrier islands, consistent with the Study’s mission. If we do not, to use a baseball analogy, I suggest that the study may involve a few hits but no runs, with a lost opportunity for the barrier islands. Again, L.K., building on your continued positive support for initiating the Study and its optimum success, I ask that FDOT identify and include in the Study all potential improvements that would address increasing traffic issues on the barrier islands, especially Longboat Key in this case.

Jack Daly


Longboat Key


Subaqueous Force Main Supplemental Report

To: Town Commission

Please see email below from Juan and the attached reports from Greely Hansen the engineering company conducting the follow up pipe assessment. The specific areas of the pipe that were of concern have been evaluated and determined to be in good shape. As described in the attached reports and email from Juan below the Town will re-evaluate the pipe in 5 years.

Dave Bullock

Town Manager

Longboat Key


Subaqueous Force Main Supplemental Report

To: Town Manager Dave Bullock

As you know, the Town authorized Greeley and Hansen (GH) to perform a condition assessment of the approximate 4-mile long, 20-inch diameter ductile iron pipe force main that carries all of the Town’s wastewater to Manatee County. The study was completed last year and presented to the Town Commission at their June 20, 2016 regular workshop meeting. The report concluded that the remaining useful life of the pipeline was 20-25 years and recommended another evaluation in 5 years (2021).

The report also identified three short isolated segments in the subaqueous portion of the pipeline that, in an abundance of caution, warranted further investigation. This additional investigation and report was completed in June 2017.

The objective of this additional investigation consisted of uncovering short segments of the pipeline to visually inspect and measure the wall thickness. The divers discovered a scale on the pipe wall called magnetite where the polywrap around the pipe had been

damaged or removed. The magnetite was mechanically removed and the polywrap re-applied. No significant deficiencies were found. Wall thickness at these locations were consistent with other segments of the pipeline.

In summary, no significant defects were encountered and GH’s original opinion of the pipeline’s condition or remaining useful life remains unchanged.

I am attaching for your records the recent transmittal letter from GH as well as the updated detailed report that includes the results of this latest supplemental inspection.

As recommended by GH the Public Works Department will be performing an assessment of this pipeline within five years.

Juan Florensa

Public Works Director

Longboat Key 


Sarasota traffic affects barrier islands as well

To: Mayor Terry Gans

It appears that solutions to in-season traffic gridlock at U.S. 41 and Gulf Stream could be going backwards seriously impacting the barrier islands. The City of Sarasota says rightly that pedestrian safety is the top priority, but while they approve huge buildings with no setbacks from the road. There is an obvious absence of logic in all this.

Many of us urge you to strongly urge Sarasota leaders to consider pedestrian flyover walkways at this critical regional intersection. This will insure pedestrian safety at this complex intersection and allow flexibility to create an innovative intersection design that will significantly and safely improve the congestion.

These walkway flyovers could be creatively designed to be an architectural feature enhancement to this intersection. They will also provide a convenient and fun way for large numbers of pedestrians generated by the Westin, Vue and all the other development planed in this area to access Sarasota’s beautiful waterfront.

Thank you for your intervention and guidance in this important public input planning discussion!

Bob Gault

Longboat Key


Thank you for assisting on Sarasota traffic problem

To: Mayor Terry Gans

Thank you Mr. Mayor!

Bob Gault

Longboat Key


Thank you

To: Town Manager Dave Bullock, Mayor Terry Gans

Thank you both again for your support, your involvement and your success in having the City of Sarasota Commissioners vote 5-0 for the FDOT traffic plan. Amen!

Andrew Vac



Team Victory 5-0

To: Town Commission

A huge thank you to all who worked so hard to make this happen. Your efforts are much appreciated by so many people!

Christina Shantz

Bird Key Safety and Community Improvement


Team Victory 5-0

Congratulations to all involved!

To: Lou Costa

What fabulous news! Congratulations to everyone!

Diana M Corrigan

Executive Director

St. Armands Circle Association


To: Town Commission

Great team victory. Kudos to Dave Bullock and Keith Slater (FDOT). L.K. get credit. Where do we put his statue? I am so very, very proud to be part of this team.

Lou Costa

Bird Key


Turtle Ordinance stats to date

To: Town Commission

The following is a breakdown of the efforts made to date (8-21-17) towards enforcing Turtle Lighting and Beach obstructions for the 2017 Turtle Season.

Code Enforcement Officer performed 21 inspections

Community Service Specialist performed 8 nighttime inspections and tagged 50 different furniture violations during the nighttime patrol of the beach.

Patrol Officers tagged 16 beach furniture violations

68 Beach Obstructions (Chairs, umbrellas, etc.)

68 were issued 24-hour tags (43 cases came into compliance, one case we removed and impounded the furniture).

1 issued courtesy notice

2 resulted in written cases

19 cases were opened for lighting violations

12 were closed with voluntary compliance

6 are active and we are working with property owners/ managers to bring into compliance.

1 is active and has been forwarded to the Code Enforcement Board


Lighting survey for beach project was conducted the beginning of May and again in July per permit requirement. CEO documented 136 cases where lights were observed from the beach.

116 first class letters were sent to physical address and secondary listed address with an educational brochure and letter from the Town

20 streetlights were noted and an email was sent to Public Works to contact FP&L

325 email complaints on lighting and furniture from Turtle Watch and other volunteers, residents, and visitors.

43 complaints on 17 properties found in violation and Code Enforcement initiated action. 13 courtesy notice for lighting violation, 1 courtesy notice for furniture violation, 2 Notices of violation for lighting violation, and 7 properties tagged for furniture.

The remaining 282 email complaints are either under investigation or unsubstantiated due to insufficient information or found not in violation.

Of the 325 email complaints, all email complaints on a property with a real property owner/manager resulted in a letter from the town and an educational brochure on the town’s marine turtle protection ordinance being mailed to the property owner/property manager.

Frank Rubino

Deputy Chief of Police

Longboat Key 






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