One County Longboat idea hits Town Hall

The Town Manager Dave Bullock was asked to talk about the financial implications from a taxation standpoint as well as the legal ramifications if Longboat Key joined either Manatee or Sarasota County. 

When the numbers are run, it does not look good for Manatee County. Right now, Longboat Key is geographically split between the two counties, and Longboat Key residents pay a grand total of about $70 million based on 2017 taxable property values. If all of the residents became part of Manatee County, the total taxes paid would be more than $76 million. If all of the residents joined Sarasota County, the total taxes paid would be $67.5 million, almost 9 million less than if it were all part of Manatee.

Town Attorney Maggie Mooney-Portale also will give the details on Monday at the commission meeting that becoming one county would require the successful adoption of a Florida law modifying the geographic boundaries, and of course the Governor would have to approve such boundaries.

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