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This article is about all the Publix market managers, who have obligingly listened to my pleadings through the years to have the market to offer shoppers the ability to choose biodegradable bags instead of the single service plastic bags that are choking our seas and  landfills. Publix is a superior food market. I am glad to pay considerably higher prices for their quality products and operation. But surely they can afford an additional ten or fifteen cents to provide ecologically friendly bags at checkout on a $100 grocery purchase. How would customers react if they were offered an opportunity to pay a quarter extra to be green at the checkout counter for biodegradable bags? Publix might even turn a modest profit offering biodegradable alternatives to its customers. It would also add to the market’s image if they carried a line of biodegradable bags where all the other plastic bags are sold.

This article is about nation-wide renewable power movements such as Arcadia Power (arcadiapower.com). Thanks to this innovative company, 100% of my electricity is generated by wind turbines somewhere in America. One of the reasons I am writing this article is that if we, as a community, are having discussions about sea rise, we also need to be proactive in ameliorating the threat.

The required steps to become a green energy user takes a few moments on the Arcadia Power web site. Nothing changes in your home. FPL remains the utility provider. There is no contractual obligation, you can terminate Arcadia Power service at any time.

I am asking the town commission to look into becoming part of the ecologically friendly renewable power by changing over to Arcadia Power for all municipal electricity uses, to set an example. If you also think this is a good idea, don’t hesitate to let the commissioners know your thoughts. The last three referendum votes have demonstrated that we can be a cohesive community when important values are threatened. In this case, a sizable effort by the community for our island to become effortlessly greener, might percipient high rates of participation throughout the island.

I can envision, thanks to ecological efforts such as Arcadia Power,  Longboat as a community than can boast being 100% green. How attractive! The next generation of home buyers may be attracted to communities that are environmentally responsible.

Arcadia Power offers our community, and all Floridians, a true WIN-WIN wind powered alternative to coal and oil fueled power plants.

This article is about a lawn service company that uses electric powered mowers, trimmers and blowers. The equipment is charged via solar panels. Isn’t that nice? Now for the frosting. There are about the 5000 lawn cuts a month on the islands 9500 properties. Condominiums comprise a majority of the properties. Still gas powered lawn equipment is annoyingly loud and abrasive and polluters our air. Guess what? Electric lawn equipment is whisper quiet compared to gas engines.

I have gone before various iterations of the town commission over the last two decades, since low-noise gas powered lawn equipment has been available. I have written many articles and letters about the availability of low-noise lawn equipment. The town has never been interested in lowering noise pollution in our community.

Now there is a new and compelling lawn care service available. The company is called Eco-Lectric Landscape Maintenance in Bradenton (eco-lectric.com). They have been around for quite some time. I discovered the company by being stuck behind one of their equipment trailers in a Cortez Road traffic jam. I am not pitching this company, though they do get rave reviews on the web. I am pitching our community to go green and use this company, or any other low noise eco-friendly yard maintenance company.

I am asking the town to look into hiring Eco-Lectric  to maintain all town properties or to purchase electric lawn maintenance equipment and set a ecologically friendly example for the rest of our community. The town has gas powered mowers, let’s trade them in for electric mowers just like the ones used by Eco-Lectric

Our community can effortlessly, and quickly, transform our island into a truly GREEN community. We might even garner some national notoriety for being one of the leading eco-friendly municipalities in the country, that has eliminated three major pollutants – plastic bags, electric energy production and gas powered lawn maintenance equipment.

I like those bragging rights. I bet being going green will have a positive affect on property values and attract more home buyers. I believe we would all feel better about ourselves being part of the pollution solution.

None of the non-polluting alternatives I have suggested in this article costs a dime to the town of home owners. The move to being green is almost effortless.

If you agree with what I am saying, you can help to make it happen by being active and letting the town know that you favor going green. Talk to your friends, neighbors and condo associations about taking real positive steps to improve our grandchildren’s planet.


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