On Patrol – Week ending May 26, 2017

The following are actual police reports as written by Longboat Key Police Officers. They are edited for length, punctuation and to protect privacy.

May 11

Suspicious person

9:14 p.m.

Officer Bidwell was dispatched to DeNarvaez Drive in reference to a suspicious person. Officer Bidwell met with the complainant who advised that an Hispanic male dressed in baggy jeans, wearing a checkered flannel shirt had rung the doorbell and knocked loudly on the front door. The complainant did not answer the door as he was not expecting anyone and thought the man was possibly intoxicated or homeless. Officer Bidwell noted that the garage door was open and a light was on. He asked the complainant if the man had entered the garage and he said he was not sure. The complainant accompanied Officer Bidwell to the garage and saw a drill index sitting on top of a cardboard box which was left sitting in front of the entry door to the residence. A note was left written on the top of the box asking for the complainant’s father, who was out fishing, to call him. Officer Bidwell called the number and advised that the complainant was in fact at the house and had returned the drill index to the complainant. Officer Bidwell told the man to contact the complainant’s dad to clarify the issue later. The complainant advised that nothing appeared missing and that he would tell his father about the incident upon his return from fishing. Nothing further.


May 12

Public service

11:10 a.m.

Sgt. Smith was dispatched to 5400 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive for a request of information concerning the staging of a catamaran on the beach and noise regulations. The complainant showed Sgt. Smith a picture of the placement of the catamaran and the picture showed that it was pulled up onto the Diplomat’s property and was past the high water mark. Sgt. Smith informed the complainant the vessel was not in violation of any town ordinances. The complainant had a second question concerning noise violations at night. Sgt. Smith provided him a basic outline of the town ordinance concerning noise. He informed the complainant to call if he believed the noise was at an unacceptable level and they would respond to the area.


May 14


11:16 a.m.

Sgt. Smith was contacted by complainant who requested to check the area of Greer Island in reference to a possible homeless camp. Sgt. Smith made a check of the area described by the complainant and located a pair of shoes, socks, clothes and bedding material. Sgt. Smith had observed the items wrapped in a tarp in April 2017 and believed the items were trash. Sgt. Smith took a photo of the items, and was able to get the latitude and longitude of the location for public works. Sgt. Smith sent Longboat Key Public Works an email with an attachment of a picture along and location information. Sgt. Smith was unable to locate the owner of the property.


May 15

Civil disturbance

9:08 a.m.

Sgt. Smith responded to the police department on report of a suspicious incident. The complainant said that she was part of the homeowner’s association and said recently they changed members to the group. They began to inspect various homeowners’ properties to make sure they were up to the association’s standards. She added that they thought more of the area around the property was owned by the association. However, when they reviewed the map they noticed some of the property was owned by two people of Harbor Cove Circle. The complainant said that the homeowner’s association noticed various items on the home association’s property that belonged to the two homeowners. Most of it to be considered junk. The homeowner’s association contacted the couple to advise them of the situation by a letter and by telephone. The complainant said the letter mentioned cleaning up the property as well as that trees and overgrown bushes would be trimmed on the community owned property. The couple had the items removed from the homeowner’s association property. The complainant added that the woman was not happy with the situation and has contacted an attorney. She added that the couple mentioned in their text message that tree branches had been falling onto her roof as a result of the contractors hired by the homeowner’s association. Sgt. Smith explained to the complainant that the incident was civil in nature and that he would write a report as a matter of record. The complainant asked if the officer could patrol the area when he had time. Case clear.


Dog welfare check

1:24 p.m.

Officer Ascencio responded to 400 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive on a report of dogs in a vehicle. Upon arrival, Officer Ascencio found a black Jeep with two dogs in the back. The vehicle was running and the air was on. Officer Ascencio also observed that the dogs did not have access to any water. The dogs did not appear to be in any distress. Officer Ascencio was able to locate the owner of the Jeep and the dogs. Officer Ascencio informed him that leaving your vehicle running was illegal and he would have to find another way to keep his dogs cool. The owner stated that he was unaware of the law and that he would take his dogs to the table. No further action needed.


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