Longboat nabs new Public Works Director from Sarasota County

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Town Manager Dave Bullock found the next Public Works Director for Longboat Key close to home.

On Friday, Sarasota County Public Works Director Isaac Brownman accepted an offer from Bullock to replace Juan Florensa as Longboat Key’s Public Works Director.

Brownman is due to begin the job on Aug. 7, which will allow at least until year’s end to work side-by-side with Florensa to become versed in the visitudes of beach management, the town undergrounding utility project, parks and other Public Works functions. He will report directly to Assistant Town Manager Mike Hein.

Florensa has worked in the position since Feb. 26, 2001 and will retire at an annual salary of just under $116,000.

Brownman is a licensed, professional, civil engineer and attended the University of Central Florida as well as Webster University. He worked in the private sector at Giffels-Webster Engineers, Inc. from 1996-1998. Next, he spent two years as Project Engineer in the Charlotte County Public Works Department. From 2000 to present, he has worked in the Sarasota County government starting as an Engineer Supervisor and working his way up to Director of Capital Projects and then most recently in 2014 he was named Director of Public Works.

Brownman said Longboat Key presents unique and exciting challenges. After touring the town, while considering the job over the past week, Brownman decided it was the right place for him.

“The town environment was very appealing, it seemed like a good fit; and it just seemed like the right fit at the right time. I spent the day with Town Manager and staff and the rich history of Longboat Key really excited me for this opportunity,” said Brownman.

At the County, Brownman says much of his time is managing capital projects and public transportation. He also oversees 158 employees. What gets him excited about Longboat Key is the scale of intimacy with both the projects as well as the staff.

“I like the idea of being more directly involved with the small staff. It’s the difference between the small-scale environment and the large-scale environment. I like being hands on and involved,” said Brownman.

Brownman is also ready to tackle perhaps the largest Public Works project on the horizon, the island-wide undergrounding of utilities.

“I am ready to sink my teeth in, it’s a very exciting project. I would like to see if there’s some opportunities to pursue some other funding sources, I don’t know if that’s possible or not,” said Brownman.


Manager material?

With Bullock announcing his retirement which is due to take place in January 2018, Brownman said he would be interested if the opportunity was presented.

“Sure, that would be something I would be interested in, but I would leave that up to the commission. If the opportunity comes up, I would be interested,” said Brownman.

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