Longboat Key Letters – Week ending April 14, 2017

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Suggestions on Longboat building height

To: Commissioner Randy Clair and Town Commission

Congratulations on recently joining the Town of Longboat Key Commission. I grew up in Sarasota and am now finishing my studies in urban planning, economics, and music at Cornell University. I read your comments on rezoning, and would like to make a suggestion regarding the proposed 30-foot and 65-foot height limits.

A trend in newer zoning codes has been to limit building height by stories and feet jointly rather than by feet alone. This gives both property owners and local government more flexibility when it comes to approving otherwise sensible buildings that for some reason would go slightly above a rigid cap. More flexibility with building heights can potentially also give homeowners taller ceilings in certain rooms, keeping hot air away from living space when air conditioning is off and windows are open to enjoy sea breezes.

In Charlottesville, VA, height caps are associated with number of stories: two-story buildings are capped at 35 feet, three-story buildings are capped at 45 feet, etc. The heights are taller than might appropriate on Longboat Key because in Charlottesville the regulation extends to buildings with a commercial component, but the same concept could still apply and be made to fit Longboat Key’s physical and political context.

In upcoming zoning changes, I encourage you to consider including a measure of stories in addition to simply capping heights by feet.

Patrick Braga

Cornell University


Publix: Can we talk about ‘Matter of importance…’

To: Woody Rayburn

I currently serve as Mayor of Longboat Key.  In another life, I was Vice President of Advertising for Giant Food (Landover, Md.).  In my thirty years there, I also had some responsibilities with real estate and shopping center matters.

I left you a voice message earlier in the week expressing my interest in discussing a matter of importance to the Town in regard to the Publix Center here.  I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you, and the location does not have to be in Longboat.  We could find a mutually acceptable location that matches up with where your work is taking you and reasonable proximity. I will be in California April 6-15, but other than that I would like to find an acceptable time.

Terry Gans

Mayor, Longboat Key


Paublix: We are happy to meet…

To: Mayor Terry Gans

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  Publix would be happy to meet and get up to speed on what the Town is doing and how it affects our center.  It is likely that either I or Jeff Preston or perhaps both of us will want to get with you on this.  Please give us a few days to find the time to arrange a meeting and we will get back to you.

William Rayburn

Director of Asset Management, Publix


Charter Review Committee Application

To: Vice Mayor Ed Zuz

I hope this e-mail finds you well! Please find attached my application for consideration for one of the two vacant charter review committee seats. I believe I would provide a unique legislative perspective to this committee.

Vickie Brill

Longboat Key


Charter Review Committee Application

To: Vickie Brill

Thank you for your interest in serving on the Charter Review Committee.  It is my recollection that when the committee was planned the Commission’s thinking was that it would consist of no less than five and no more than seven people.  On April 3, when the appointed committee had been reduced from seven to five, it was decided to remain at five.  Should the Commission wish to further discuss the matter the next opportunity for it to do so would likely to be at its April 17 workshop.  Of course, any decision would have to be made by the entire Commission.

Ed Zunz

Vice Mayor, Longboat Key





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