On Patrol – Week ending April 7, 2017

The following are actual police reports as written by Longboat Key Police Officers. They are edited for length, punctuation and to protect privacy.

March 20

Traffic accident

1:25 p.m.

Officer Hodo responded to 3000 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive in reference to a traffic accident with no injuries. Officer Hodo arrived and interviewed both drivers involved in the traffic crash. Driver #2 was driving a white Chevy van and stated that he was northbound on Gulf of Mexico Drive approaching the 3000 block. Driver #2 stated that Driver #1 was approaching Gulf of Mexico Drive from a private driveway. Driver #2 stated that Driver #1’s left driver side front bumper struck the middle passenger side. Driver #2 estimated approximately $2,500 in damages and there was no one injured. Driver #2 had a passenger in  the right front seat. Driver #2 made no further statements. Driver #1 was driving a gray Ford SUV, and said she was coming out from a private driveway. Driver #1 stated that she was checking the pedestrian and bicyclist traffic prior to proceeding onto Gulf of Mexico Drive. Driver #1 stated that as she drove out and struck the passenger side of Driver #2 van with her driver front bumper. Driver #1 stated that she was not hurt and made no further statements. After conducting further investigation, Officer Hodo cited the Driver #1 for Failure to Yield to traffic from a private driveway.


March 27


12:52 p.m.

Officer Schoepfer responded to 4200 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive in reference to a trespass call regarding several subjects taking private beach chairs ad using them on the beach. Upon arrival, Officer Schoepfer located several subjects on the beach near the condominium. The subjects had no beach chairs. Officer Schoepfer made contact with the subjects who stated they thought the chairs were communal. They said when someone complained they returned the chairs to where they belonged. The subjects said they were visiting a friend who is staying at a nearby resort. There was no violation and the chairs were returned. No further action at this time.


March 30

Dog found

12:39 p.m.

Officer Hodo was dispatched to St. Judes North, in reference to a loose dog. Officer Hodo arrived and contacted the caller. The caller stated that he observed a black in color dog swimming in the canal and no one around. The caller noted that the dog appeared to be struggling to swim, so he was able to get the dog out of the water. The caller stated that he checked the dog’s collar and did not see any owner’s identification at this time. The caller stated that he will keep the dog, until the owner is identified. The caller made no further information with negative results. At this time Officer Hodo conducted no further investigation.


Noise disturbance

1:39 p.m.

Officer Hodo responded to 4700 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive in reference to a noise complaint. Officer Hodo arrived and contacted the complainant who was the manager of the resort. The complainant stated that he has been multiple phone calls from his tenants every morning and late evenings about the noise. The complainant stated that he has spoken to the superintendent on the construction site about the noise and was assured the noise would stop. The complainant stated that he called the police, since the noise has not stopped after hours. The complainant made no further statements. The project manager of the construction project  said he has instructed his crew of the times to start and finish work on the site. The project manager stated that he will monitor his crew work times. The project manager made no further comments. Officer Hodo noted that at the time of the call the construction site was not in violation. At this time, no further investigation.


March 28


10:48 a.m.

Officer Schoepfer responded to Ranger Lane and Bogey Lane in reference to possible vandalism of a fire hydrant. Upon arrival, Officer Schoepfer located the fire hydrant and found no signs of damage or vandalism. There had been tests performed on the fire hydrant earlier which is why there was water on the ground.


March 31

Suspicious circumstance

4:20 p.m.

Officer Houchins was dispatched to 1900 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive on report of a fraud. When he arrived, he spoke with the complainant who said that he had received a call from a person claiming to be from the U.S. Embassy in the Dominican Republic. This caller told the complainant that they were holding his grandson from  some violation and that he would need to send money to secure  his release. The complainant said he knew something was not right as he does not have a grandson by that name. The complainant was most concerned as the caller knew where he had bank accounts but did not seem to know the account numbers. The complainant said that the caller hung up as soon as stated that he did not have a grandson by that name. Officer Houchin advised the complainant to make his bank aware that he was a target of a fraud and to pay closer attention to his accounts since the existence and location of the accounts seem to be known to the suspects.





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