On Patrol – Week ending March 31, 2017

The following are actual police reports as written by Longboat Key Police Officers. They are edited for length, punctuation and to protect privacy.

March 9

Suspicious circumstance

Officer Houchins was dispatched to Longboat Club Road on report of a suspicious activity. The caller stated that she received a phone call from a person claiming to be with Apple stating that her computer had possibly been compromised and that he would need remote access to it to determine the extent of it. The complainant agreed to this and allowed the caller to take remote control of her laptop. The complainant then became uneasy and suspicious and told the caller that she had to leave and that they could do this another time. The complainant severed the connected and called Comcast and Apple. Apple said that they had no record of the complainant’s computer being compromised. Comcast was reported to have helped the complainant install security features. As of this report, the complainant does not know of any data or financial loss or compromise. Officer Houchins advised her to notify all of her accounts for suspicious activity.


Suspicious vehicle

Officer Cooper was dispatched to Poinsetta Ave. for report of a suspicious vehicle. Upon arrival, he made contact with the caller who stated the vehicle had been parked in front of her house for several hours. Officer Cooper did inform the caller that the vehicle was legally parked. Officer Cooper ran the plate and the vehicle was a rental car. At this time the vehicle’s renter arrived and stated he had gone to the restaurant to eat. The renter had to wait over an hour for a table and was unable to find a closer parking space. Nothing further.


March 12

Noise disturbance

Officer Nagell responded to Jewfish Key sandbar. The caller was irate stating that she had called a hundred times about the noise on the sandbar. Officer Nagell responded to the area and observed no noise or loud stereo in the area. Officer Nagell spoke with two subjects who had been sitting on a dock and they advised that a boat had left a few minutes prior to Officer Nagell’s arrival and that the stereo was loud. No violations observed.


March 14


Officer Cooper was dispatched to St. Judes Drive for a battery. Upon arrival, Officer Cooper made contact with the complainant at a restaurant. The restaurant worker stated that a customer started yelling and cursing in the restaurant. The complainant asked the customer to leave and the customer proceeded to punch and shove the complainant in the chest. The complainant was checked by Longboat Fire Department and medically cleared. The complainant had no injuries. Both witnesses confirmed the complainant’s story. The customer was uncooperative and refused to answer any questions. The customer was placed under arrest without incident and transported to the Fire Department for processing. At 11 p.m., the customer was transported to the Cortez Firehouse and turned over to Manatee County Sheriff’s Office for transport. Nothing further.


March 15


Officer Ascencio responded with the Fire Department on an active smoke alarm. Upon arrival, the unit was found to be filled with smoke. The smoke was a product of burned chicken. The Fire Department assisted with the evacuation of the smoke. No damage was done to the condominium unit. No further action is needed.

Homeowner Association issue

Sgt. Bergeron responded to 5400 Gulf of Mexico Drive in regard to a public service. Upon arrival, Sgt. Bergeron made contact with the complainant. The complainant advised that he wanted advice concerning an HOA issue (elections). Sgt. Bergeron advised that he should address any issues he may have with the HOA board and to avoid any outside confrontations. The complainant thanked Sgt. Bergeron for his time and advice.



Sgt. Smith responded to 5600 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive in reference to a noise complaint. Upon arrival, Sgt. Smith observed a man power washing the kitchen equipment behind the business. The man was advised of the noise ordinance and he stated he would comply. The man was warned for the noise and he packed up his equipment and left the area. Nothing further.


March 17

Dog on beach

Officer Houchins was sent to the 5800 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive on a report of a dog on the beach. The dog and the owner was located, the ordinance explained, the owner then promptly removed the dog.





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