Linde resigns; Gans named Mayor, Zunz Vice Mayor

Vice Mayor Phill Younger was honored after stepping down from the Commission due to term limits. His wife, Fanny, was recognized for all of her support.

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Terry Gans retained his role as Mayor for the next year and Commissioner Ed Zunz was named Vice Mayor at a meeting last week in which the roles were voted on by the seven Longboat Key town commissioners.

Prior to the vote, Commissioner Phill Younger stepped down after being term-limited out of his seat.

Commissioner George Spoll, Commissioner Jack Daly and Commissioner Jim Brown were all sworn-in and will serve the town for at least two years.

Before the selection of the Mayor and Vice Mayor, fellow commissioners praised Younger for his years of service. The comments were opened by Commissioner Irwin Pastor who said, “When it comes to dotting I’s and crossing T’s and then coming back, nobody has done as good a job as Phill Younger. The whole community owes you a tremendous ‘Thank You.’”

Zunz added, “One thing wonderful is you always knew where Phill stood on an issue.”

Commissioner Armando Linde, who submitted his resignation from the town commission the next day, said, “Younger is an engineer by training and an economist and attorney, but also a teacher. He has been a very valuable attribute.”

Daly said there has not been a more hard-working commissioner than Younger and Gans added, “I love Phill. As a colleague he is sometimes a pain in the neck and sometimes a bit lower than that, but he listens to both sides and can change his opinion. You can’t ask for more.”

After hearing these accolades, Younger joked, “It’s all a pack of lies, but I appreciate them. It’s an honor to serve this community, a priviledge to serve in this community. It is a special community. This is a special place, a special people. This town is run extremely well by staff and they are special. It’s amazing this commission does this at no compensation and I thank each and every one of you.”


Mayor, Vice-Mayor chosen

Six of the seven commissioners voted in support of Gans as mayor, with Linde casting the sole vote for Spoll.

When it came to the vice-mayor, Gans nominated Pastor, Linde nominated Spoll, Daly nominated Brown, and Spoll nominated Zunz. It took two rounds of votes until Zunz won the position with Brown and Linde desiring Spoll and Daly, Spoll, Zunz, Pastor and Gans all voting for Zunz as vice mayor.


Linde resigns

On March 21, District 1 Commissioner Armando Linde resigned after serving half of his term, one year, on the board. Linde wrote in his resignation letter, “Felicity (his wife) and I have seen it necessary to accelerate plans to move closer this year to our growing family in South Carolina. We have lived in this lovely place for a short six years, and during that time I have served this community in various capacities. I have particularly enjoyed my work with town committees, my deep involvement with the Kiwanis Club and Foundation and, of course, serving as town commissioner.”

Linde went on to say he will be leaving Longboat Key on April 10 but that Longboat Key “will always be nestled deep in our minds and close to our hearts.”


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