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The Curtain has just come down on Act One of the drama in two acts here in our Town,  The voting is finished.  There isn’t much to analyze; The NO VOTE was the big winner.  3,220 to 465 is a beating in any contest.  I guess that this clearly is NOT Orlando.  Jack Daly won big in one of the two Commission contests.  He pulled this victory off through hard work.  Good for you, Jack  Thanks to the four Candidates for making the effort to keep elections alive on Longboat Key.  We owe you all.

Next week the curtain goes up again – this time on the selection of the Mayor.  Mayors are chosen  here by the Commission from among their number.  Each player gets one vote.  Each gets to nominate his favorite.  The top vote getter wins.  There is no extra prize, no pay, lots of extra work.  Terry Gans holds the chair now.  Terry is well thought-of.  George Spoll, and Jim Brown have been Mayor earlier. All three are thought to be interested in the office again. These races are difficult to handicap.  Among other factors, the Florida Sunshine Law makes it theoretically impossible to discern how the race might be going.

I like Gans to continue in the Mayor’s Chair.  Terry has done well in his short tenure so far.  He runs a good meeting – actually the Mayor’s one, and first responsible.  He is personable, professional, and maybe even friendly – important traits in a job representing our Town in the greater Sarasota/Manatee Community.

Just one man’s opinion…

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