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Don’t do us any favors, Mr. Brown

To: Editor

I have a comment on the upcoming election of the Town Commissioners.  Last Wednesday evening my husband and I attended a Longbeach Village Association meeting at which the four candidates spoke and answered questions from the attendees.  While I wish there were additional (and new candidates), I understand the Key will have to choose from the available offering.  Unfortunately, my husband and I cannot vote in the election since our permanent residence is elsewhere.  However, we own property on LBK, pay taxes and are very concerned about the present and future of this beautiful place.  I find it sad (maybe appalling) that we seem to be more interested and involved than many Key residents who are able to vote and profoundly affect what occurs here.  We have attended Commission meetings, written previous letters to the Editors of the newspapers, joined our local neighborhood association (LBVA), donated to the cause and sat at the polls during the last referendum vote and tried to talk to as many local residents as we can about the happenings on the Key.  We are trying to be as well informed and helpful to the “state of the Key” as possible.

As I said, we cannot vote, and do not personally know any of the candidates.  And before the above mentioned meeting, I had no preconceived notion about the contenders.  However, my takeaway from the meeting after hearing the four men speak, is that Jim Brown does not want to be on the Commission!  He specifically stated that fact two times.  I believe his words were: “I do not want to do this” and “I would rather be playing golf or tennis.”  I was stunned by those statements, and they were made more than once.  So…I think the voters of LBK should take those words to heart and ask yourselves how a person who doesn’t want to be there working for your best interests can possibly serve your best interests!  If he is simply taking up a seat to please those who he says have begged him to run for the seat, I beg him to reconsider and withdraw so that two of the other three gentlemen, who apparently want to be there, will be elected and hopefully serve the Key with committed interest and enthusiasm which I believe will be sorely lacking from Mr. Brown.  A trite, but true maxim comes to mind here: Don’t do us any favors!

One additional comment I have here for the Commission and one that was addressed by a resident of LBV, is that the 2/3 of property owners here who cannot vote on Key issues, should have some say in what happens here.  We know we cannot vote, but since we do pay taxes and support the Key in every other way except the “vote”, it might behoove the Commission to come up with a way to involve this large contingent in order to receive valuable feedback, suggestions, and preferences of this group.  As was suggested, this could be done on a website, by email (for those who wish to provide their emails), or even by mailings.  That is, of course, if the Commission and town government actually care what the vast majority of property owners wish.  The response to this idea by Mr. Daly was that it’s too difficult, how would we ever do that…etc. etc.  As was pointed out, it isn’t that difficult, but it appears that the difficult part may be for the Commission to actually have to consider more and new ideas.  It’s easy to see that the less feedback the Commission has, the easier it is for them to make the decisions that they think are in our best interests.  I think a lot of us who spend a great deal of time here and are shut out of all decision making for the Key are truly the Silent Majority.  Let us have a voice, please.

Donna Frederick

Longboat Key


Malicious ad

To: Editor

The “Vote for Anyone But Jim Brown” anonymous ads do no credit to your newspaper — legal?

Jim Brown has volunteered many years of service to Longboat Key in many capacities.  You profess chagrin about low interest on the part of our citizens to dedicate many hundreds of unpaid hours per year to serve on the Town Commission. Surely you cannot escape the irony that your professed chagrin is somewhat compromised by your willingness to accept payment for such a malicious ad from a person who does not even have the courage to disclose his or her identity. As editor of one of our neighborhood newspapers, you also should be aware of the factual errors in the ad. Your actions remove a great deal of the mystery of why most people would not want subject themselves to such abuse.

Pat Zunz

Longboat Key


30-foot heights LBKCC

To: Town Clerk Trish Granger, Town Commission

I am a resident in Country Club Shores, and am writing you to express my opinion on the controversy surrounding the house that was approved by the planning and zoning board that exceeds the height restrictions. Clearly, a clever speculator figured out how to exceed the restriction and it was approved. This community was master planned in the early 60’s, and is slowly being transformed into a myriad of house sizes. The planning and zoning board should move to tighten the restriction, so that others do not follow the lead being set by the offending house. Please share my thoughts.

Kristian Gibson

Longboat Key


Height Restrictions

To: Town Clerk Trish Granger

We will not be able to attend the P & Z meeting but please mention us as against allowing homes to be more than 30-ft/ 2 stories over FEMA, flood required height.

John & Joanne Forch

Longboat Key


Commission Mtg of Monday 03-06-17

To: Town Clerk Trish Granger, Town Commission

Many thanks to all who attended yesterday’s Commission Meeting concerning increasing the 30-ft building height limit.

A special thanks to all who spoke on this issue bringing forth the many issues involved.

Note: the Commission voted to return this amendment to P&Z for further review in re-working this height issue to the satisfaction of all.

The next Agenda of Planning & Zoning meeting has not been posted on the Town Website yet,  the next scheduled meeting is Tuesday, Mar. 21, at 9 a.m.

I will notify all when this very important issue is scheduled for discussion.  The Commission has directed all concerned to attend the P&Z meeting on this vital issue.

I will request all to attend this meeting as your property value and way of life on LBK may be affected by increased elevations in excess of 30-ft or more. This is an island-wide issue of single-family dwellings. Thank you all again, until the next P&Z meeting announcement,

Ned Jewett

Longboat Key


North end contract

To: Town Manager Dave Bullock

Dave, given the size of the contract, and that Olson voiced no reservations about the CP&E groins, why not go out to bid and look beyond using the usual vendors? I think we might profit from fresh perspectives, since what has been tried has not worked well. I believe a properly designed project would have yielded positive results to some degree. That the town now has to in essence start from scratch, again, tells me that the original concept, including a short jetty, might have been less than optimal.

I am sure you know groins and jetties, like a glass full of water, do not retain more sand after they have achieved a stable equilibrium.  After that all the sand flows around and into the inlet. I believe that any passive system will fail to lessen the loss of sand in all areas not immediately adjacent to the structures.

The multi-million dollar north groins retain a modest beach on a 400-foot stretch of shoreline, while starving the down drift shoreline. As we discussed a few months ago, CP&E seems to have been unawares of the refraction that occurs along seawalls, which is why the north end beach, south of the groins, saw rapid sand loss.

As you know, the wider the pass becomes, the greater the tidal action. I believe two extended jetties should be constructed, similar to Hillsboro Inlet, to lessen tidal flow, thus reducing tidal scuffing along adjacent benches. As you know I am a tireless advocate of continuous sand back-pass and bypass to capture and recycle the 86 percent of the sand that is continuously lost off of our beaches and ends up in the passes.

Gene Jaleski 

Longboat Key


Exception To 30-foot Height Restriction

To: Town Clerk Trish Granger, Town Commission

We have been homeowners in Country Club Shores since 2011 and have extensively remodeled our home over the last few years.

We did not take our house down and do a total rebuild so therefore our house remains at the grade that it was when originally

built in the 1970’s.

The purpose of this letter is to notify you that we strongly disagree with the village allowing any house to be built or remodeled that extends beyond the present 30’ height restriction.  The pleasantness and beauty of our area has been maintained by blending new and extensively remodeled homes with older homes that have been changed very little since being built in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  Our street is a mixture of new homes and older homes and all of the structures are within the 30-foot height restriction.  The house on Halyard which has been built extending beyond the 30-foot height restriction is certainly a beautiful looking house but it also does not blend in with the visual make up of the neighborhood.   Our contention is that if the home was built within the 30-foot height code it would be equally as beautiful and yet blend in with and be less obtrusive to the other homes in the area. If built within the present code it would have been a win/win situation for all.

We are asking that the Town of Longboat Key not change the 30-foot height restriction on new or remodeled homes and allow our neighborhoods to gracefully grow with a complimentary mixture of the new and old.

Keith and Penny Pozulp

Longboat Key







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