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Last week I opined for these pages on priorities, our priorities – yours and mine.  I thought that the priorities of the electorate here – the voters of this Key might be skewed.  I thought, and still do, that the election of  the Town Commission might just be the proper focus of this, and very  Town election.  With more thought I have decided that Referenda may indeed be of equal importance.  Certainly some of you do also.  Maybe that’s another point on which I can learn.  Imagine that!

I don’t like to quote myself, so I won’t here.  We  – just a few worthies and I thought and wrote that the election of candidates was getting short play here in our Town.  That may be changing .  Since our last visit both of our local newspapers have spent some ink  on the 14 March election around here. Three of our four candidates have responded to requests for responses to editorial questions.  I’m sure the other’s oversight will be corrected. These questions and answers have been printed for all voters to see and evaluate,   I am told that we will indeed have a candidate forum ( maybe even a debate) prior to election day.  Some ballots have already been returned to the two Supervisors of Elections.  That’s good.  Other voters have time to decide and to vote.  I don’t see any boycott of the election on the part of us in the press here.

Now the local Charter requirement for voter approval for any increase in Density in our Zoning (Land Use) Codes  is almost recent.  That requirement was added almost recently in response to a resident suggestion.  That shows just how important our residents take the Density limits in our codes.  The referendum requirement might make it obvious  that the electorate might not trust this issue to the elected Commission and/or the appointed Planning & Zoning Board.  This requirement has stood the test of recent time.

So, on reflection I have reached the conclusion that what is good enough for neighbors in our Town should be good enough for me.  As the Developer in the instant Colony case is the sponsor of the proposed project at the Colony and is applying pressure on all concerned to gain approval, perhaps he should be required to convince the voters. He is now.

Placing these Density questions on the ballot for decision by the voters at the same time as they (the voters) decide on the makeup of their Town Government may be consistent with good governance.  Our priorities do not appear any less than straight – in my opinion.

That’s what we do here after all – write our opinion for your consideration. Sometimes a week can be long enough to correct one’s thinking.  As I said:  I get it.

The time approaches for decisions and choices.  These are important choices.  Make them carefully.  It is our Town/our Home after all.

Do Vote your choice on the questions AND do vote for the candidates of your choice. I’ll hold off my keyboard on this one.

I certainly agree that we need a vibrant and informed press in this Town-in every town. We have these press features here.  One might note that these pages are created weekly by an almost totally unpaid volunteer staff.  We must like what we do, even if some of the Town’s “Worthies” do not.

Enjoy, and Thank You for your support

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