Was Mitt right?

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Perhaps he was, at least on the subject of Russia.  I know that was four + years ago, but these conclusions sometimes are lasting.  This one just may be.

“President Obama owes Mitt Romney an apology.  And so does President-elect Trump.  In an interview with Wolf Blitzer on March 26, 2012, Mr. Romney said that Russia is ‘without question our No. 1 geopolitical foe.’  He went on to explain:  When  countries such as Iran and North Korea cross the line,  ‘When Assad…is murdering his own people’ and we go to the United Nations  looking for ways to stop them,  ‘Who is it that always stands up with the world’s worst actors?  It’s always Russia.”     (Romney Was Right About Russia, By William Galston,   The Wall Street Journal, Wednesday, December 21, 2016)

“In the final presidential debate of the 2012 election, Mr. Obama mocked Mr. Romney’s thesis:  ‘The 1980s are ‘calling to ask for their foreign policy back  because, you know, the Cold War has been over for 20 years.’

“There it is, the Obama syllogism: The Cold War is over, and therefore Russia cannot be our principal geopolitical foe.  This is faulty logic and even worse empirical analysis.  What was evident in 2012 is even clearer today: Because Vladimir Putin  believes that the collapse of the Soviet Union was, as he said in 2005, the greatest geopolitical disaster of the 20th century, he is determined to reverse it by all means necessary.  His incursion into Georgia, his seizure of Crimea, his role in the ‘frozen conflict’ in eastern Ukraine – all these are part of a ruthlessly consistent strategy.”

Continuing; “While President Obama dithered endlessly over Syria, Vladimir Putin acted.  As he did, Mr. Obama predicted that ‘An attempt by Russia and Iran to prop up Assad…is just going to get them stuck in a quagmire, and it won’t work.”  Some quagmire..  At modest cost, Mr. Putin has rescued Assad and restored Russia’s position in the Middle East, securing a Russian zone of influence that stretches from Lebanon to Iran.

Game, set and match to Mitt Romney.  It would be graceful for the President to acknowledge that he was wrong and the man he defeated was right.”

The Journal’s Galston goes on, rather strongly, “If Mr. Obama’s Russian policy has been feckless, Mr. Trump’s promises to be far worse.  The President-elect has given no indication that Russian aggression in Europe troubles him in the slightest.  The idea that NATO, the greatest alliance of Democracies the world has ever seen, has value that transcends the balance sheet seems never to have crossed his mind.”

Strong Words, eh?

These words were written in the Journal’s pages just a month prior to the inauguration.  Perhaps things have developed in the added time between election and swearing-in as  President .  Let’s hope so.  Our new President should run-up to speed rather fast.  He strikes me as a quick study.  More recent news stories about the activities here in our Country by our Russian opponents should help all to see them as they really have been and still are. Many of us on this Key, many of you, our readers spent our professional lives fighting them.  I think we were right.  Let’s hope we do not have to do it all again.

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  1. Brian Duggan says:

    It may be that China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States as the five permanent members of the U.N Security Council might benefit from expanded membership. France and the U.K. may see India as a reasonable and populist nation worthy of entry to the group. Religions flourish in India and the rise of the Mormon sect from the mushroomed dens of New York state with the questionable assistance of the angel Moroni bear witness to the cultural power of religious doctrine over rational thought.

    Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism and Judaism compete among 1.4 billion believers in India. Refusing to see nations as active religious entities is no longer acceptable; Sunni Islam and Shia Islam are the two major denominations of Islam and define the primary impetus for aggression in the Middle East among non Christians. Trump has launched a Christian Crusade and Mitt as all Americans should think about the consequences.

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