Software overhaul ups Town’s tech game

The Town of Longboat Key is not alone in its antiquation. For years, the Town information technology department built up its own software management systems to handle everything from permitting to water bills to code enforcement fines.

Over the past decade, the in-house built computer programs and system has outlived its effectiveness and is leading to inefficiencies, increased cost for customization and updating and essentially is in dire need of replacement.

The town undertook in 2014 an analysis and determined that “off the shelf systems” of software management are far more robust and what most municipalities utilize instead of custom creating their own software and networks. To that end, the town is spending about $600,000 to replace all of the major town software applications.

Town IT Director Jason Keen gave the commission an update last week. Keen showed that most of the new systems will go live in the first and second half of 2017. These services include all document management, credit card services, timekeeping, contract management, fire inspection and inventory systems, fire records management, and police records management.

The fire and police systems will cost an additional $258,600 to implement.

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