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Darin Cushing

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Longboat Key Building Official Darin Cushing was terminated Thursday by Planning and Zoning Director Alaina Ray for undisclosed reasons.

Cushing was employed since 2014 and was the primary license holder with oversight of building inspections, permits and plan reviews.

He worked as an at-will employee and can therefore be terminated for any reason without cause or justification, according to Town Manager Dave Bullock.

Longboat Key News was told that Cushing was let go after the culmination of several performance issues as well as matters related to a public record request regarding a death and property maintenance issues at 6501 Gulf of Mexico Drive.

Earlier this year, Longboat Key resident Charlie Case was found deceased inside the home after a friend complained of smelling a noxious odor coming from the home when he went to visit.

The town initially determined the smell was a sewer odor and a ‘Danger and Warning’ order was placed on the front door before the body was found. The notice was placed by Cushing on Dec. 5, 2016 and described the conditions as “raw sewage odor, no power, open pool, unsanitary bio-hazardous conditions.” The notice contained instructions to contact the town within 10 days.

Subsequently, the police entered the premises on more than one occasion and eventually found the body of Mr. Case.

Last Thursday, the same day Cushing was released from employment, a relative of the deceased made a public record request from the town for all police reports, code cases, emails and texts and any other communication related to the death as well as the property at 6501 Gulf of Mexico Drive.

Because the Building Official is a legally required position in order for the town to operate a Building Department, the Building Official from Bradenton Beach, Steve Gilbert, will act as the temporary Building Official until a full-time replacement for Cushing is found.

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