Sand starved beaches renourished in 2016

On Thursday, Aug. 18, the town began the first of this year’s three sand renourishment projects. The first grains of sand were spread at L’Ambiance as Norfolk Dredging Company commenced its project of transporting about 200,000 cubic yards of sand to the starved beach. The work at the south end took about a month and the dredge took sand from the New Pass area, which separates south Longboat Key and City Island, and was then pumped via tubes onto the beach.

This renourishment project helped rebuild the recreational beach that once stretched out from in front of the Islandside Condominium properties. The renourished section spans from the L’Ambiance Condominiums north to Regeant Place. The town has also hired a trucking contractor to haul sand from upland sources in Immokalee toward an area of beach at the hotel at Inn on the Beach.

After the south end beach renourishment was completed, the dredge then moved north to Longboat Pass where it used the same methodology to spread about 250,000 cubic yards in areas depleted around Broadway, Whitney Beach and the groins.

In October, the town also placed more than 40,000 cubic yards of sand in front of Inn on the Beach where the shoreline was so severely eroded that the boardwalks at the resort simply lead to the surf and swirling waves.

“It was really seem-less throughout the project and the town was very responsive and effective and we really could not be happier with the results,” said Key Club General Manager Jeff Mayers.

The 40,000 cubic yards the Key Club received was trucked in from Immokalee and was spread from Inn on the Beach north where it joined the sand that was recently dredged from New Pass.

Next year the town will focus on sand surveys and consider plans for a major renourishment as well as research extending the rock jetty at New Pass to see if that would further protect the south end from erosion. One of the concerns of extending that jetty is the possibility that it could start to affect sand movement and deposits across New Pass at Lido Shores.

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