How Marijuana, Trump and Clint Eastwood can make the Colony Resort great again

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People would come to me during the past month and ask if I was going to write an opinion on the Trump/Hillary election.

I would immediately grow nauseas; here is why:

We have turned into a culture and a citizenry that instead of talking issues, instead of holding points of view in our head or instead of simply relaying the news, we now greet each other with canned soundbite opinions.

“How are you doing?” I ask one woman?

“Oh my Go, we are living in a world where the next president thinks it is ok to randomly grab a woman’s crotch,” she replies.

“How are you doing?” I ask my close friend who is 70 and has had a career in law.

“Hillary is entirely corrupt and would have been indicted anyway,” he flatly states.

Then another person:

“Trump could either run us off the rails or do some really great things… we will see.”

Then another:

“Hillary stole the nomination from Bernie.”


Our empire of histrionics

It is the conviction, the anger, the urgency that everyone speaks with that stands out.

I remember when I was a kid, Rush Limbaugh started hitting the radio waves and that is when it all began. I started meeting people who immediately had Limbaugh-esque pre-formed and slightly digested and regurgitated opinions. Little rants, but they had no real depth or understanding or knowledge of any of the issues. They simply spouted someone else’s opinions, conclusions and most significantly their hotly charged rhetoric. It was as if they are throwing up someone else’s dinner and claiming it to be their own.

And you do not need Marshall McLuhan around to tell you that the hottest medium, the Internet, followed by Television, has turned into an empire of histrionic one-liners and canned opinions being shouted in every corner.

Facebook, CNN, FOX, the radio. And we are all like sponges, our psyches soak all of this up and then walk around like ad hoc commentators.

There really is very little news, little investigative journalism and little analysis. And worse off, people wear opinions like a bad coat hanger.

So what does this mean?

We have moved from news, analysis and discourse into a crazy psychosis of talking heads.

So what emerges? Who wins? What works within this system?

Simply said, to win in presidential politics in America today, you have to have a big personality. You have to connect on some primary level. In short, the most charismatic figure wins.

Let’s face it: if Trump had Hillary’s platform and was the Democratic nominee and Hillary took Trump’s platform, Trump would still have won.

Look at how poplar Bill Clinton was and then Al Gore came along with many of the same policies and a continuation of an administration. And the problem: he was a dud.


Stuck at the shelter…

Why did the American people keep overlooking any and all Bill Clinton escapades? He could have slept with every farm animal in Arkansas and the ratings kept returning him a high five. It is because when he spoke and looked intently in the camera, he seemed to make personal eye contact with all of America.

Then Obama, who has a rhetorical charm and a charismatic delivery made a most rapid ascent and again displaced Hillary, who does not have an ability to come off as genuine and cannot connect on an emotional level with an audience. In essence, Hillary’s double defeats have rendered her the pet at the shelter nobody wants. She might at the end of the day make a superior pet, but the coat and the bark and the bite are just annoying.

And let’s not forgive Hillary for choosing Kaine, a subtle personality who could not convince a deli clerk of what he wants to order.


Ready for the Baker Act

Then there is Trump, the charismatic figure. And all the while he got away with saying some of the most bizarre statements I have ever heard.

His small hands fight with Rubio, His Megan Kelly bleeding comments, his crotch grabbing banter, his inability to know what he was saying about abortion. And these just scratch the surface.

Trump was so consistent in his remarks that people grew to look forward to the next statement. Then the news would go crazy and the opinion heads would start.

I kept thinking he might get Baker Acted, but then I realized all the world was obsessed with his every move and statement. Like it or not, he had the country engaged.

But the point is Trump, despite all of these strange utterances, despite the impression that all he can do is vague broad brushes and sentiments, came through loud and clear.


Looking to future

What this means is parties cannot cultivate insider favorites and policy wonks. They cannot go with safe choices anymore.

If you cannot engage an audience, if you cannot deliver a speech and sweep emotion — good or bad — then you have no chance.

The descent from information, analysis and news stories to opinion to canned sentiments all serves to rouse the rabble and whip up the angry mob. Now the mob — whether they be Bernie lovers, Hillary loyalists or Donald Trumpeters — is in full form.

We do not need to wonder how this will play out. We do not need to analyze how well Trump will do or what the future of the Republican or Democratic party will be in America.

All we have to do is lay down in bed, turn on a network or read on the Internet and we will know what to think.

We will have all the opinions we need pumped into us. And even better yet, if we watch enough, we will start to mistake all these opinions as our own. We will feel witty and informed and we can throw all of the same outrage and emotion into it that we absorbed as we drifted off to sleep.

That is the voice of Democracy in America today.


Let’s get out the big guns at the Colony and fight it out…

At night, the Colony buildings could be used to house the homeless and the Longboat police could practice Stop and Frisk unfettered.

We all want to see the Colony redeveloped one day — on that we agree.

And if the Town mishandles the process and devalues the property through its decision-making, than a few alternatives come to mind that might make the 17.2-acre parcel a destination once again.

Here is the thought: the most recent election affirmed two things: the second Amendment will be very much alive with Trump and Medical Marijuana will soon find its sticky way to Longboat Key.

So lets marry the two at the Colony.

Let’s face it, we all feel unsafe and many want to carry concealed guns. But not all of us want to drive through the traffic during season and go to a range. We need an elderly small arms emporium of sorts on Longboat Key.


Colony can absorb bullets

I see the Colony as a place that can absorb a few bullets and provide training on many levels. The entire site could become a rustic faded resort gun range. Think of Clint Eastwood in his Dirty Harry Days wielding the Colt Python at the metal silhouettes and at the pop out bad guys.

We could do that and more.

Think sunset rodent hunt competitions, open peacock season, mid-rise sniper training.

Heck, competing developers and the ever-battling unit owners could have a last man standing gets the keys to the kingdom shootout.

Andy Adams, Chuck Whittall, Manfred Welfonder, and maybe even Mark Walsh could all fight it out like men. Perhaps the residents could watch from the rooftops nearby.

At night, the Colony buildings could be used to house the homeless and the Longboat police could practice Stop and Frisk unfettered.

Another thought would be to turn the tennis courts into marijuana growing fields. They already have underground irrigation in place and lets face it — it would be homage to the year the resort opened — 1967 — the Summer of Love.

Remember, in this new America, we all need to think outside of the box. We all need to have big ideas.

And like Trump, if you like what you see, just grab hold of it and don’t let go.  You just might win.

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  1. RAPTOULIS MD says:

    What an exercise in futility! A wonderful property ,resort and history.Just get it done.Then you can all take credit for its success! Paralysis of psycho- analysis. Yes psycho with a little exercise in greed and power for good measure. If you were physicians the patient would be deceased.

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