Longboat honors 9/11 victims with flags along Gulf of Mexico Drive

This weekend the town of Longboat Key is commemorating the 9/11 terrorist attacks with its annual placement of the flags along Gulf of Mexico Drive. 

Fire Chief Paul Dezzi wrote the following letter to his firefighters and all town staff to remember the day:

Fifteen Years Ago


This is an historic weekend, again and an opportunity for all of us to join together once again with the same spirit of unity that was portrayed following the attacks fifteen years ago this weekend!  The attacks on America changed the course of history, reshaped our world now and altered our culture forever.

As we reflect back on September 11, 2001 we all know where we were and what we were doing at 8:46 a.m. when the first plane attacked the North Tower at the World Trade Center.  This attack was followed by a second plane striking the South Tower at 9:02 a.m., with a third plane attacking the Pentagon at 9:45 a.m., and a fourth plane crashing to the ground at 10:10 a.m. in Shanksville, PA.  We could not believe what we were witnessing, America under attack!

We will never forget the pictures and video footage of the planes crashing into the World Trade Center or the heavy black smoke rising from the attack on the Pentagon or the people running down the city streets away from the cloud of dust of the falling buildings.  We will never forget the men and women that ran into the burning buildings to rescue the innocent victims of this horrific event.  What compassion and courage was demonstrated by all Americans 15 years ago this weekend!

Certainly 9/11 was a huge eye opener for all Americans and we must never forget the firefighters, police officers, or Emergency Medical Personnel, but we must also remember all the first responders, volunteer organizations (Red Cross), social service organizations, the clergy, and many others that served that day.  Whether civilian or in uniform we all stood side by side to serve!  If there was any good that came from September 11, 2001, it brought us together in a common cause of freedom and our renewed devotion to it.

Today we have a better workforce, better training, better understanding, and better equipment because of this tragedy but what we don’t have as emergency responders is the answer to what is next for America….and that question is something we have to be ready for, always!

So as we reflect back on September 11, 2001 we must be mindful of the loss of 343 firefighters, 60 law enforcement officers, the 17 babies born that will never know their father, the over 1600 spouses and partners that lost a loved one, and the over 3000 children that lost a parent.

Mayor Giuliani said:

“The attacks of September 11, 2001 were intended to break our spirit.  Instead we have emerged stronger and more unified.  We feel renewed devotion to the principles of political, economic and religious freedom, the rule of law and respect for human life.  We are more determined than ever to live our lives in freedom.”

I say to all of you, be proud in what you do, wear your badge with honor, courage, and to the best of your ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, the laws of the state of Florida, the Town of Longboat Key, and the public interest.

To each member of this department, I say Thank you and stay safe!





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