Town allows trappers to shoot peacocks with tranquilizers

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The north end peacocks that residents say plague their pastoral village, will be taken out using tranquilizer darts.

Town Manager Dave Bullock brought the issue up at the end of a four-hour meeting when he said that only 25 peacocks have been removed from the Village.

At issue is the town’s recent decision to pay a contractor to remove all of the peacocks from the north-end Village except for 12 males who will be permitted to remain.

It is estimated that more than 100 of the birds roam the Village and residents have complained that they defecate on cars and banisters as well as disturb their sleep with screeching and strange mating calls.

Another objection voiced by villagers is that tourists gawk and photograph the birds as they stop mid-street in the otherwise quite residential community.

Bullock said the problem is the trapper believes that the 25 peacocks that have been removed are the only ones they will be able to cajole into traps.

“If we want to remove more peacocks, we need to use tranquilizers,” said Bullock.

Commissioner Phill Younger commented, “I think a .45 makes an excellent tranquilizer.”

Commissioner Armando Linde realized that the town manager was seeking consent from the commission to allow the trapper to use tranquilizers and he said, “What is wrong with tranqulilizers?”

Mayor Jack Duncan joked back, “Nothing; my wife uses one on me every night.”

The commission then reached unanimous consensus to allow tranquilizers to be shot into the birds to facilitate to final relocation.


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2 Responses for “Town allows trappers to shoot peacocks with tranquilizers”

  1. Noelle says:

    Younger should be ashamed of his comments; you are not in a bar making a funny comments to any friends you may have, you are a representive of this community and need to act like it. You owe an apology to the community for your aggressive and childish behavior. Suggesting someone shoot the birds? Seriously? Even in jest that is not okay. Be respectful or do not run for a seat in government.

  2. Stephen Crawford says:

    The birds are quite beautiful.
    I wish I had them in my neighborhood.
    They bring a unique quality to LongBoat key.
    I think making poorly judged comments as stated are not funny nor do they represent
    Rational thinking. By officer’s of the village.
    Someone may take this encouragement seriously and very bad things can and will happen.
    Think twice before speaking once.

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