Villager attacks peacock progress as mating heats up

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Longboat Key Village resident James Braha is frustrated that the company hired by the town to thin the peacock herd is underperforming and is losing a critical window to remove the female birds before they go into hiding to lay their eggs.

Braha told Town Commissioners and the Town Manager last week that there were 25 peacocks roaming Fox Street and they are looking for hidden nesting places to lay their batch of 7-15 eggs each.

“I wrote to you twice in January to urge that the trappers come out before mating season for five days a week to get the job done. I was told we have to let the trappers do their job as they see fit,” said Braha.

The program the town has undertaken is to remove all peacocks except for 12 males and to pay a trapping company $175 for each bird removed.

Braha says that instead of coming to the Village on a daily basis, all the company has done is place one trap on Fox Street.

Braha said that he had been involved in dealing with the peacock issue back in 2011, and back then trappers were only paid $30 per bird.

“The peacocks are on Fox Street every day and could be caught if only the trappers would spend more time at it. At $175 per bird, it is their duty to do so. “

Town Manager Dave Bulllock told Longboat Key News that he does not dispute Braha’s statements, but he is not personally knowledgeable about the reproductive cycle of the peacock flock.

“That being said, I would like them to catch more birds in a shorter period of time,” said Bullock

Bullock said 19 peacocks have been relocated by the company so far. The flock has an estimated population of 100 plus birds.

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