Sticks and stones

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If the kettle calls the pot

To say it’s pretty black;

The answer is “I’m really not,

And you’re a lying hack.”

Well, “super Tuesday” is finally over, and Donald Trump established a pretty good sweep, taking seven states, with Ted Cruz holding his home State of Texas, neighboring Oklahoma and Alaska.

Marco Rubio brought up the rear with Minnesota – a freakish result where Trump actually lagged third.

It was a definitive moment, capping a series of debate-ridden attacks that would have turned the late Ronald Reagan’s hair gray.  The Republican hero was famous for the rallying cry:  “Never attack members of your own party.”

Not only did the current combatants ignore that dictate, they reminded every observer of what it was like in high school, with scatological humor laced with amateurish sexual innuendo.

Rubio went so far as to imply that Trump might wet his pants during the debates and insinuate that the billionaire’s small hands and fingers might signal the size of a hidden organ.

In the last debate before Super Tuesday, he took a swipe at the successful businessman by charging that if Trump’s father had not given him millions to start a business, Trump would have ended up “selling watches on Broadway.”

Trump was quick to reply that it was a one million dollar loan, which he had promptly paid back.

Rubio may have hit a nerve, but considering Trump’s career, if he had been selling watches on Broadway, they would have been Rolexes.

Maybe even real ones.

And to apply a similar test to Rubio, if his father had never left Cuba, his ambitiously driven son would today be pressing to take over Fidel Castro’s role in that island nation.

But we’re back in the United States real world and in a last minute attack just prior to Tuesday’s caucuses and primaries, the junior Senator from Florida messaged GOP voters that Trump was a “dangerous con man.”

Apparently the only place any of this childish nonsense hit home was in Minnesota, and the country is left to anticipate the so-called “Not-quite-super-Tuesday,” when a number of pivotal states will be in play, including Florida.

Recent polls indicate that Trump is running 15 to 20 points ahead of Rubio in the latter’s home State.

Florida is where they know him best, where he has previously been favored over ex-governor Charlie Crist and more recently by Republican voters over ex-governor Jeb Bush.

If he cannot take his home state, he is all finished politically.

Regardless of the ultimate outcome, the young senator has done quite well for himself in pursuit of the American dream.

His summary tax statements indicate a net worth of four million dollars, derived from a salary as Speaker of the Florida House of approximately $30,000 dollars, followed by six years as United States Senator earning $174.000 dollars per annum.

True, he authored two books about an American Son and American Dreams, which were massively purchased by lobbyists and political elements sharing Mr. Rubio’s ultra-conservative views.

In today’s political climate, such events can put Hemingway and Shakespeare to shame as financial successes.

And it certainly beats selling Rolex watches on Broadway.

Two other consequences of Super Tuesday:

Dr. Ben Carson has abandoned his campaign and will not attend further debates.

Last season’s defeated Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, has scheduled a major speech to be delivered prior to the deadline for this column.

The speech will likely be a last minute urge on behalf of the GOP “establishment” for Cruz to drop out in favor of Rubio.

That will not derail Trump’s progress.

Continue to enjoy the show.

Author’s note:  Disregard the earlier comment about the campaign rhetoric turning President Reagan’s hair gray.  It would only have been gray for a little while.

Richard Hershatter is a retired Connecticut lawyer and novelist who writes an occasional column of interest to Floridians.   He can be reached at Banyan502@AOL.com.








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1 Response for “Sticks and stones”

  1. Dave Francis says:


    It’s extremely hard to win against the GOP establishment, as they have all the money. Corporate and Industry are already bombarding Donald J. Trump with the incessant attack ads, trying to win over different states, by bring to the surface wishy-washy issues that the businessman was alleged to be involved with? Of course you know where the big boys stand, because they are implicated in the corruption, which seems to be involved into the very walls of Congress as a putrid mold that the people cannot be removed. For decades the Democrats and Republicans have been buying and selling our votes on the floor of the House and Senate, for their Special interests and the donors who press them to vote their way. It’s a money thing for the huge banks and investment institutions, the pharmaceutical and tobacco companies and thousands of corporations that back Hillary Clinton and Sen. Cruz, Sen. Cruz, former Gov of Ohio John Kasich. The only two personages that stand out from the rest are Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

    As I see it Donald Trump has the guts to bring back the jobs from not only foreign countries, including Mexico as well. Currently 678.000 Auto workers jobs have vanished from not just Michigan but other states. This year the United States have an insane $50 billion deficit with our not so friendly neighbor across the Southern border, and China trade deficit of $365,694,000; then there is Japan India and a whole lot of other countries. You will not get these facts from the mainstream press as the majority is in abeyance to their corporate owners,


    THINK! Do you any credence in the pledges of the GOP establishment? They have pledged for three or more decades to build a wall or at least a double layer fence at the border and it’s still none existent? Trump will build that wall, separating our children from the toxic drugs and the wretchedness and the massive costs it brings.

    THINK! E-Verify is a digital database to locate whether somebody is legal here, to work in America. Currently E-Verify it’s optional, but under President Trump it will be MANDATED and it will extract the illegal alien invaders. It will be same identity applications at exit/entry tracking system at all ports of entry to our nation. Businesses will no longer be able to hire these people, and the owners could suffer massive penalties.

    Just heard on Fox News from Arizona Sheriff that President Obama has just released an order not to go into high count track areas, and not to process anybody entering America and let them loose. No paper to go before a judge and just let loose. National Immigration Center (NIC) estimated in 2016 that there are 15 million illegal invader in our sovereign nation.

    THINK! The grade score for 2013 the illegal alien invasion to the taxpayer is well over $113 billion dollars annually; when we are frothing at the mouth over the $19 Trillion dollars, and soon to be $21 Trillion with the approval of the Omnibus Budget of $2.2 Trillion some months ago, giving all the dollars this President wanted. Over the past 7 years, Barach Obama has surpassed every President in the history in spending.

    Everybody who is tuned in to Donald Trump should comprehend every issue that the new President will resolve? Top of the list to repeal is all of Obamas illegal executive orders, including atrocious criminal illegal aliens set free. And my vote no matter what is the Left and right has thrown out at Trump, my social circle is voting for the Manhattan businessman. Nothing is going to change that. Trump is a job maker and will impose penalties on companies that have moved overseas and of course Mexico? The profiteers are really panicked as they cannot pay off Trump, and their only hope is Cruz, Rubio, Kasich or Hillary Clinton.

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