Additional crosswalk signage on way

Town Manager Dave Bullock said the recently installed crosswalks on Longboat Key will receive new flashing signage as well as pavement markers to give motorists advanced warning of a crossing. Bullock has been under pressure by the Commission to push the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to make the crosswalks safer following complaints by residents as well as an accident in which a man was hospitalized after being struck by a motorist in the crosswalk. Bullock says the additional signage and pavement markers will hopefully be completed within a month.


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2 Responses for “Additional crosswalk signage on way”

  1. Dan Screet says:

    I’m sorry Barry. Does allowing pedestrians to safely cross the road offend you? Or is a few seconds of your time to allow a citizen to safely cross the road inconvenience you that much?
    Please think if it was one of your family wanting to cross the road, would you not want them to have safe passage?
    I applaud both LBK commissioners and FDOT for doing all they can to protect the citizens of this community. Now if the drivers would give the courtesy to others that wish to walk, bike and enjoy some sun and exercise to do so safely it would be an even better place to live.
    A few seconds of your time is not worth a life, be courteous and pay attention. The life you save is someone’s loved one.

  2. Barry Napiecek says:

    Just what we need, more signs for an idea that is impractical and dangerous. Too much government.

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