Sand starved beaches to soon see relief

The Year of 2015 proved to be one of watching erosion on Longboat Key’s beaches. On the south end of the key, in front of L’Ambiance and Sanctuary Condominiums, all of the recreational beach has eroded and the vegetative dunes are what remains. The town spent  the year applying for and waiting as government agencies evaluated permits to allow sand to be placed on the critically eroded south end as well as in eroded areas mid-key and on the north end. Good news came in December of 2015 when just before Christmas, Town Manager Dave Bullock announced that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had approved the permit which will allow New Pass to be dredged and the south end to receive about 200,000 cubic yards of sand. 

In 2015, the groins on the north end near the North Shore Beach Access were completed, but that area has also eroded and a similar amount, about 200,000 cubic yards of sand, is in the process of being permitted and will be placed in 2016 in the north end beach.

The town also has submitted permits to truck $14.5 million worth of sand to the eroded mid-key section of Longboat. The town said it will bring about 13,000 trucks through April and November of 2016 to achieve that goal.


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2 Responses for “Sand starved beaches to soon see relief”

  1. L says:

    $14,500,000.00 and 13,000 trucks… but those who will benefit most (i.e., bay isles) will pay the least (20%) and refuse to allow access thru their ‘exclusive’ access (as it might be inconvenient)… wonderful… doing a great job bullock… keep up the good work?

  2. LBK taxpayer says:

    I have often wondered why the sand that is building up and blocking the waterways between Longboat and Jewfish is not being dredged and placed on the north end beaches. The “sandbar” and “beer can island” have grown significantly over the last 10 years that I have been around. And at the same time the north end beaches are diminishing. And by coincidence the sand in these areas is a beautiful white sand.
    Why is the dredging of these areas not a consideration for providing sand back on the north end beaches?

    PS — with a smaller “sand bar” there will be fewer boats and therefore less noise to disturb the villagers.

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