Resident wants Longboat Key to become ‘Less Plasticy’

Longboat Key resident Larry Grossman asked the town commission last week to support Florida House Bill 143 which allows the regulation of disposable bags in coastal communities. The language allows such communities to form programs and policies on the regulation and use of plastic grocery bags and would also allow a ban if the community leaders sought to impose one. The issue, says Grossman, is Longboat has a very vulnerable and irreplaceable environment and that the disposable plastic bags often wind up in water and on beaches, putting fish and marine animals in jeopardy. State Rep. David Richardson filed the bill that would allow local control for municipalities such as Longboat Key. California is the first state to enact an outright ban on all single-use plastic bags at large retail stores. That ban took effect in July. In 2009, the District of Columbia passed a law to ban distributing plastic carry-out bags and sets a fee of five cents for all other disposable bags, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

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