New owner of Moore’s Restaurant seeks 299 seats

The new owners of Moore’s Restaurant, soon to be called ‘The Shore,’ named after their restaurant on St. Armands Circle, are seeking a total of 299 seats for the restaurant according to the July 28 submitted site plan. Mark Caragiulo and Tom Leonard purchased the restaurant last month for $3.2 million, and are seeking the additional 114 seats because they want to have a banquet suite for private parties on the second floor. Earlier this year before the restaurant was sold and Moore’s Restaurant owner Alan Moore assured the Planning and Zoning Board that the restaurant would undergo renovations but would not be seeking additional seating. So the request in the site plan for the extra seats came as a surprise to most everyone in Town Hall. Leonard and Caragiulo assure that the upstairs additional 114 seats will only be used for special events maybe 50 times per year, and that they will use valet parking and be considerate of their Village neighbors.

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5 Responses for “New owner of Moore’s Restaurant seeks 299 seats”

  1. Colon, the Grammarian says:

    Great call, Ghostwrider – I think five stories would be a great restaurant anchor at the east end of Broadway, where the neon lights are bright. That and the Jaleski Arms Luxury condos than anchor the residential component of Village Heights Shpping Center at the west end of the Miracle Half-Mile, people will journey from South Longboat to enjoy the many craft shops and fast food emporiums of North Longboat’s Business Improvement District. I can even see revenue flowing into the coffers of City Haul from the Jet Ski Rental Shop, McDonalds, Taco Bell, and the Zunz Firehouse Sub Shop. Now, I’ll admit that some of the more controversial businesses were questionable, but in the end, with only a few dissenting votes, the Town Commission erred on the side of fee income vs. raising taxes, and even allowed the Hello Kitty Asian Massage Parlor. When The Shore Restaurant opened with its 300 seats, it quickly put Mar Vista out of business thus making the local villagers happy, so much so that they didn’t object to when Mr Chiles paved paradise and put up a parking lot. That and the town charging boaters to overnight in the Sunken Dreams Mooring Field. Ahh……progress.

  2. L says:

    5 years? Without a billion dollars for sand replenishment lbk will be an underwater sandbar with underground utilities

  3. ghostrider says:

    Ahh Sharon. Take a seat. Forget the restaurant, honey. In five years it will be rezoned for something nicer and kinder. It will have height, as well. 🙂

  4. Sharon says:

    Yeah, where exactly will parking for 299 customers be possible? Weren’t these neighbors complaining about restaurant parking in the area already?! Good luck on this!

  5. alan janssens says:

    ….that’s in Manatee County..sure..go for it. Plenty of ‘free and easy parking’ on the street.

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