Town adopts plan to bury power lines

Longboat Key Town Commission moved forward with a plan on how to ask voters to pay to underground power lines on both Gulf of Mexico Drive as well as the entire key.

In a 6-0 vote the commission decided against using ad valorem taxes to pay for the projects and opted to use a parcel by parcel breakdown in which every property is assigned a calculated benefit and would be assessed accordingly.

The method of using non-ad valorem assessments would be used to pay for the projects that are slated to cost about $23.4 million to underground Gulf of Mexico Drive and an additional $19 million to underground all other areas on the key that have above ground poles and wires.

The method of using non-ad valorem assessments is predicated on the idea that by using an objective formula everyone pays according to the benefit received to their property. The benefit is independent and has nothing to do with property values.

Part of the plan is to also install fiber optic line that could bring a myriad of additional services and increase wireless digital opportunities on the key.

The commission will have to approve referendum language for both the Gulf of Mexico Drive question as well as the Islandside question and the vote for Gulf of Mexico Drive is slated to be held in tandem with the November general election.

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  1. Barbara says:

    This is a necessity. The future residents of LBK will be dependent on fast, dependable internet service, and they won’t live in a place where it is not offered. This is do or die for LBK.

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