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We on Longboat Key are having a local, single issue election this Spring –  May 12th.  This is to be an all mail ballot, to be returned by that date.  The ballots should have gone out from the Supervisors of Elections in our two Counties (Sarasota and Manatee) to registered voters by April 22nd.  These ballots should be in voters hands by the time this print edition of Longboat Key NEWS reaches your hands.  Ballots come with a postage paid return envelope.  This makes it easy.  There is no excuse not to vote.  Get to it !

Now, I take no position in this referendum.  I’ll make no recommendations.  I’ve been accused by some of being Anti-Club. I’m not. Candidly, I have thought that the Club has often been its own worst enemy.

I never voted for or against the earlier LBKC project.  Your votes in the 2010 election saw to that.  My objections were always to method, not to substance.  I’ve written recently for these pages on my view of the future.  I think these thoughts were important.  I’ll repeat them here for your consideration as you ponder your individual decisions prior to voting.  But remember:  VOTE.


Thoughts on 2015

This election marks five years since the ‘watershed’ election of 2010.  That year the proponents of the Longboat Key Club Project sought to and succeeded in changing the makeup of the Town’s elected governing body.  That race was divisive, emotions ran high.  There was more electioneering activity than is likely to be seen again on these island shores. Not much came of it all, but the elective process worked.  The majority won.  Elections do have results.  Now most of those vintage commissioners are gone.  New  faces, new blood, sits on the Town Hall dais.  That is good.  Maybe term limits are also good.

So the new crowd is in.  A relatively new Town Manager is in.  A new staff makeup is in.  PIC is gone.  The change in our Town is almost complete.  Some don’t like it .  OK, work for further change to correct what you don’t like.  The apathy shown by our resident citizens is obvious.  Change is in the air, change brought about by a rather few.

(A Mayor of Tampa was just reelected with only 12% of the voters turning out.  We’re better than that, but not much.)”

“There’s that new normal again;  20% to  30% of the electorate are controlling the future.

I don’t count myself as one of those who is completely displeased about the new Town I see developing.  The old guard, which included me, is almost gone.  It’s time for the new players to emerge.  We’ll be watching for them.  The Longboat Key Club still wants its expansion.  Clearly they shall have it.  Don’t fight an old battle in a war not worth winning.  (Emphasis added.)

The world around us is changing too.  Just look at the construction underway in the City of Sarasota.  Cooperation is obviously required.”





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