Sizzling success in Sarasota

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The Pastor Family from left: Violet, Scott, Keely, Irwin, Ruby and Sylvia.

As busy as life as a Longboat Key Commissioner may be, helping your son open a family restaurant is an added exhilaration that Irwin Pastor says is a labor of love.

Over the past week, Irwin Pastor and his wife, Sylvia, could be seen at Webber’s Hot Dogs, which their son Scott opened at the corner of Webber Street and Beneva Road in Sarasota.

The restaurant pays homage to Buffalo, New York where the Pastors lived for decades and ran a Pepsi distribution network.

Featured at the Webber’s Hot Dogs is natural casing hot dogs that are sourced directly from a meat packer in Buffalo that has been established for more than 125 years. The hog dogs are specifically made to handle the 1,800 degrees generated by the charcoal grill, which gives the hot dogs and hamburgers their unique flavor; not to be found anywhere else in the area.

Irwin says the recipe for the chicken wings hails from Buffalo as well, and that none of the food, including the wings, the fresh onion rings and fresh Idaho french fries are ever frozen, and that is another key concept of the restaurant.

Other than Buffalo, another influence is Philadelphia, where the rolls for the Philly steak sandwiches are sourced. Even the rib-eye meat used on the steak sandwiches is never frozen. Pastor continues to explain that the Coney Island Sauce, the Hot Relish Sauce and the Blue Cheese dipping sauce are all made from scratch on site. For those who are vegetarian, there is a veggie burger on the menu as well as salads.

Irwin wants to make clear that while the food is very Buffalo in flavor, it is Scott’s idea that has finally come to fruition. Irwin said he hopes anyone who either loves fresh charcoal cooked food or has never tried it, will make a trip to the restaurant and he is confident they will keep coming back.

“The response has been overwhelming and tremendous. I thought we’d be busy, but never like this,” said Scott.

Scott added that the first night open, the restaurant did more business than he had forecasted for the first week. Scott said that as far as he knows, no other restaurant is cooking over hardwood charcoal and the restaurant uses no lighter fluids or starter fluids and it imparts tremendous flavor.

Webber’s Hot Dogs officially opened on March 25, is located at 3590 Webber Street, and is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. The restaurant’s phone number is 941-922-8189.


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