Blaring boater’s stereos roiling residents

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Longboat Key resident Ann Roth told the commission last week that she finds the noise blaring from boats that gather on the sandbar off of Jewfish Key to be intolerable and creating a situation that necessitates an immediate response.

“I am coming to beg for your help to do something about the noise pollution coming off of the sandbar. Thousands of boats, mostly on weekends, are creating a very important and serious situation,” said Roth.

Roth said that the music, “Especially the rap is very loud and very raw,” is at such a high decibel level that it is impossible to live peacefully. She asked for a strengthening of ordinances to deal with noise pollution as well as an increased police presence.

Town Manager Dave Bullock said Longboat’s noise ordinance is fairly general and does not have specific noise measurements or a decibel count that allows it to be actionable by police.

Police Chief Pete Cumming said the town does have two police boats on the water and has issued citations.

Bullock said that the audio equipment on boats has gotten of much better quality recently and added that because the sandbar is considered submerged land, it is technically it is not part of Longboat Key and that creates jurisdictional issues when it comes to enforcement.

Commissioner Phill Younger quipped that the town could look to use the sandbar as a possible source for its eroded beaches and remove the problem.

Commissioner Irwin Pastor said that the town should look into any controls that might exist if the area is near a wildlife sanctuary and whether that could be used in enforcement.

In response to Pastor, Commissioner Lynn Larson said, “I think it is a wild life party, excuse the pun.”

In the end, Bullock will look at tougher sound ordinance options as well as the significance of a wildlife area designation.

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5 Responses for “Blaring boater’s stereos roiling residents”

  1. Doug says:

    jealous you are too old to be out there having fun. Probably don’t look to hot in a bathing suit these days huh? You don’t own the water. Go back to your condo and close the windows. By the way, the nearest structures are over 500 yards away except for the party houses on the jewfish key itself and those owners knew what they were buying into.

  2. Renae Farrah says:

    News Flash People: there are no high rise condo buildings on the north end of Longboat Key – picture shown in not near jewfish sandbar ! It is is Sarasota water Jurisdiction, mid Longboat Key. Glad to know the burden is shared among all waterfront owners.

    Want to reduce noise ? Reduce the size of the sandbar . Sandbar growth is due to north end
    Beach renourishment / dredge projects of which another one is scheduled again with no enviromental
    Study on the effects to Jewfish Key. Everyone knows in 6 months the end result of the beach renoursihment project will be a bigger Jewfish Sandbar – more boats – more noise

    Longboat needs to sTop your self serving renourishment projects or deal with the consequences – more boats = more loud . Next time – publish a photo connected to the problem! This photo is not .

  3. Garrett says:

    We have always wondered why Longboat Key did not use the sandbar as an efficient source for its eroded beaches. Solves the problem and saves taxpayers money!

  4. alan janssens says:

    Half of Longboat is in Manatee County..no noise enforcement..sub-sonic music is all over. Sarasota County..noise enforcement..sit at St Armand’s and see how lightly the drivers of the pickups have their foot on the gas…same drivers in Manatee…fast and loud…peddle to the floor loud exhaust and the music to match. Good luck with this one.

  5. geneonlbk says:

    Peacocks affect the entire village along with their filth and traffic problems, yet not a word about this problem. Why?

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