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The appearance, smell and dining environment are some of the most fundamental parts of enjoying food. It is not a secret that we “eat with our eyes.” In fact, it’s the basis for epicurean restaurants everywhere. Chefs take great care when “plating” an entree. A delicately placed herb leaf? A swish of chocolate? Concentric rings of sauce? All of these elements are considered until the dish’s final plating design is determined – all to maximize the visual pleasure of the dish.

When sitting at the table of a fine dining establishment, and the plate is placed in front of a diner and then rotated properly – it is because that is how the chef intended for the dish to be viewed. It also entices the restaurant guest to start savoring the meal in a specific way. As it turns out, how a dish looks can even manipulate the perceived flavors of the entree.

In an effort to create the ultimate eating experience with organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, I spent this week creating healthy, low-sodium poached egg dishes designed to appeal to first appeal to the eyes. Various organic crops of my choice were purchased at the local farmer’s market and simply chopped and decorated with poached eggs. Whether one is trying to increase his whole food consumption or just help a family member eat healthier, creating a colorful and healthy meal, starting with our eyes first, always helps.

Erin is a Sarasota native and Real Estate Professional at Premier Sotheby’s International Realty. Erin loves hearing from readers regarding anything culinary. You may contact Erin at ERIN@lbknews.com to share your favorite recipes, dining adventures, and for a chance to be featured in Key Dining.

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