What do you wish for on Longboat Key in 2015?

Our lives and dreams are filled with wishes and longings, often for a brighter and healthier future. Longboat Key and its residents are no exception. Sometimes the manifestation of Longboat’s collective dreams take money and tax dollars, and sometimes it takes the resolution of a blistering legal battle for the future to unfold. This year, Longboat Key News asked a handful of select and prominent residents what they hope will happen and what their greatest wish to fulfill on several pressing issues as well as in their personal lives. 

We asked each person to tell us what they most hope for in the future regarding the following: The Colony Beach and Tennis Resort, the burial of power lines, beach strategy, Bayfront Park and their personal goals. The following is what they had to say:


What do you hope will happen at The Colony?

Longboat Key Town Manager David Bullock: I would like Santa to bring the ownership interests under control and to redevelop the property into a world-class resort and make it an asset to the community instead of a liability.

Former Colony Chairman Murf Klauber: I would like to see an intelligent approach to put The Colony into the previously warm, happy, comfortable and luxurious environment and put the property back on the map. This is really important and it can and will be done. You could take those units that were so sensationally functional and rebuild them with new materials and high technology. The existing layout and units were always fun, attractive and the perfect place.

Commissioner Lynn Larson: I would love to see the Colony scraped clean; I would settle for that. Bare land would be enough to make my Christmas wish for sure.

Former Mayor Hal Lenobel: I would like to see the final approval and development as a result from compromises in all directions.

Commissioner Phill Younger: I hope they get past the lawsuits and somebody gets a hold of the property and can come forward with a plan that brings the Colony to its former glory. If you excuse the depressing cynic in me, it is probably a few more years off. I am optimistic it is starting to move in the right direction.


Do you wish to see power lines buried on the entirety of Longboat Key or solely on Gulf of Mexico Drive?

Town Manager Dave Bullock: Put them all underground and throw in a wi-fi system, fiber optic backbone, and a new lighting plan.

Former Colony Chairman Murf Klauber: I think the power lines should be buried, we have enough money. Also, if we had a great storm, we would be in trouble. The power lines are unattractive. Other than the power lines, Gulf of Mexico Drive is a very attractive roadway.

Commissioner Lynn Larson: I would like to see a separate vote on Gulf of Mexico Drive, only because all of the residents share Gulf of Mexico Drive. I fear that if you ask those who already have underground to pay for those who do not, you may end up with nothing. I polled everyone I could ask who has already buried lines, and only one person said they might contribute something to someone who does not.

Former Mayor Hal Lenobel: I wish they would bury utility lines throughout the key.

Commissioner Phill Younger: I want us to move forward as rapidly as possible on a series of referendums to allow the people to make their decision or decisions. I do not know what form the vote will take right now, but I do believe if we can accomplish burying lines on Gulf of Mexico Drive, it would be a good thing for the town.


What would you like to see happen on Longboat’s beach front? 

Town Manager Dave Bullock: It would be nice if Santa spread 150-feet of sand from north to south.

Former Colony Chairman Murf Klauber: We built the first groin at The Colony and it was 120-feet and it did not work and we went out to 240-feet and it has worked perfectly. We then put two groins at the Islander (Condominium) and if they opened up the flow of the second groin it would work nicely as well. If the town were to put a groin in halfway between the Islander and Inn on the Beach, it would save all the beaches on the island, other than at the north end. That is my wish.

Commissioner Lynn Larson: I think we need to have more research into possibly putting in more structures in the weak spots because continually throwing sand on the beach is not an answer.

Former Mayor Hal Lenobel: I want beach renourishment as it was successfully performed in the past and will be again.

Commissioner Phill Younger: We’ve got good things going on, in that we have an agreement for sand out of New Pass. That fits with out spot nourishment program to take care of the hot spots. I am optimistic about the two groins going in on the north end. I think they will hold that beach which is for everyone.


What do you hope will unfold in the coming year at Bayfront Park?

Town Manager Dave Bullock: That we build the park.

Former Colony Chairman Murf Klauber: That they name the park after former commissioner Kit Fernald who was always on my ass. It should be a park, but we do not need a new building there; it is a waste of money and unnecessary. There are already so many things to do on Longboat Key. I do love the baseball field there, and we should also add a playground. We do not need a dog park, they are already comfortable as they walk with their owners on the side of the road.

Commissioner Lynn Larson: My hope is we stop talking about it, and do it.

Former Mayor Hal Lenobel: I would like to see it developed but would not like to see a recreation center there. I also do not think a paw park is necessary nor advisable.

Commissioner Phill Younger: There are some good things going in and we have an investment with Sarasota County. The old recreation center needs to be replaced, but what form or fashion a new center will take has yet to be determined. That part aside, we are going to get Bayfront Park as a nice, clean, attractive place that will be an amenity for the entire community.


What do you hope for personally in the coming year?

Town Manager Dave Bullock: I want to take my wife to Cuba on the boat and come back without getting arrested.

Former Colony Chairman Murf Klauber: I want to spend time with my mistress, Ajax Mountain, in Aspen. My son, Michael, is taking me on my 88th birthday, and I will ski top to bottom.

Commissioner Lynn Larson: I wish to spend more time with my family and to enjoy the grandchildren and my husband who wants to go on a cruise. He want to go on a Panama Canal cruise.

Former Mayor Hal Lenobel: I would like to have tranquility on Longboat Key and health and happiness for myself.

Commissioner Phill Younger: It goes without saying how much I appreciate the health I am enjoying and the health of my entire family. My daughter is in nursing school and I look forward to her completing it in the coming year.







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  1. Todd Goodman says:

    Murf listing his wishes for the Colony? Where the hell has he been for the last 30 year, during which all those wishes were his responsibility? Who are these losers with the fancy titles? Nothing more than greedy old men who care nothing for the Colony, but only for their bottom lines. Does Murf actually believe he will live long enough to see a single new nail pounded in at the Colony? He is the central figure in the demise of the one of the best resorts ever and now he is drooling his wish list to this publication? Surely you guys can find someone with a heartbeat to respond instead of a man who put his own greed and obsession above all of those who made the Colony what it once was. The man is a joke – a cartoon of himself.

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