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In recent weeks, Longbeach Village residents have been concerned with changes the town has made to their neighborhood, particularly without notification.

In this regard, the recently formed ‘SAVE the Longbeach Village’ group wrote an email to Town Manager Dave Bullock highlighting some of their concerns for the neighborhood such as the Public Works Department’s over-trimming of the trees and the newly painted lines on Broadway demarcating parking areas.

“We would appreciate getting a heads-up regarding any plans for the Village. The Longbeach Village Association meetings or emails to this SAVE email address might be good means of communications,” stated the email from SAVE the Longbeach Village.

Bullock addressed these concerns in a follow-up email to SAVE the Longbeach Village, and wrote that the town will make a concerted effort to inform Village residents in advance of any work that will be done in the future.

“We will make our best efforts to inform you and others when we have any significant work in the area,” wrote Bulock.

The cutting of the trees and foliage in the Village, and the painting of parking areas along Broadway have angered some residents because they say they did not request these changes and do not like the look.

“We would appreciate minimal tree trimming in the future unless requested by the affected resident,” stated SAVE the Longbeach Village, and when referencing the parking lines the email continued, “We believe the consensus for the parking would be to have no white and yellow lines and only the ‘No Parking’ signs. Just signs seems to be enough of a deterrent even if it can not be enforced. If we find parking in the ‘No Parking’ areas occurring, then we could consider the white and yellow markings. Please consider not adding any more lines in the Village and modifying Broadway to be less overpowering.”

Bullock says that the ‘No Parking’ signs will be installed in the Lois Ave. and Poinsettia Ave. roadways, and that the town will not apply any further paint to curbs or pavement for the time being, but that monitoring will be done to determine if further parking allotment should be made.

Additionally, the SAVE group wrote that it would like to develop a landscaping design for the east end of Broadway to enhance the appearance of the entryway, as well as a few items that they feel are needed to increase the safety of the entryway, such as continuing the sidewalk in front of the gas station and the installation of a median in the middle of Broadway which would replace the double yellow lines.

Bullock informed the SAVE group that the developer of the gas station will likely be applying for a revised site plan and that an extension of the sidewalk would then be a requirement of any new development on that site. He also stated that the median idea needs some engineering to determine if it would work there and that the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is also working with the town to review the possibility of a roundabout in the Broadway and Gulf of Mexico Drive intersection. Bullock wrote that these two ideas may be pursued in tandem.

One last concern for SAVE was the need for a boat rack at the end of Linley Street due to the heavy use of kayaks at the dock. Bullock said that the town has done an inventory which showed 10 kayaks and 11 boats of other sizes at that location, and that the town would have to get together with Village residents to determine what type of racks could be placed there.

Bullock informed that in January the town will be conducting tests of the waste water system in and around the Village where there are suspected leaks. The testing will involve putting an inert, non-toxic, non-staining smoke (small portion of smoke and large volumes of air) in the pipes to determine where leaks are located. He wrote that when the material finds its way out of the pipes, vents, or other openings in the system through leaks or other malfunctions, it will look like white smoke. Residents will be notified before conducting these tests and the Fire Department will also be aware of the testing.

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