Villagers cross over yellow lines

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This past week, Longboat Key Village residents got partly what they wished for as well as what some say is an unfortunate and unsightly surprise.

In short, they take extreme issue with the freshly painted curbs that demark the newly-regulated “No Parking” zones as well as the painted white boxes depicting where drivers should park.

Several villagers organized and asked the town over the last few months to restrict parking on Broadway and select side streets to one side of the road in an effort to not impede emergency vehicles as well as to limit congestion in the residential neighborhood. And they were successful.

The town commission last month enacted a new parking ordinance that prevents parking on the north side of Broadway for the entire length of Broadway from Palm to Bayside Drive as well as the east side of Lois Avenue and Poinsettia Drive. That action prompted the town Public Works Department to install signage on the no parking side of those streets to meet the mandates required to allow enforcement and ticketing if the new rules are not followed.

But in the case of the Village, it may have turned into a situation of “be careful of what you ask for.”

In addition to placing the requisite ‘No Parking’ signs on Broadway, the entire curb on the north side of Broadway was also painted bright yellow to alert potential parkers.

Several residents woke up to their new day-glow adorned roadway and now have written the town strongly-worded letters to undo the freshly painted lines.

Residents James and Vashti Braha wrote Mayor Jim Brown, “I tend not to get much involved in Longboat Key matters, except when something really, really upsetting happens. The unsightly road changes on Broadway in the Village, I must say, are quite ugly…it turns our quiet, quaint, community into something resembling a shopping mall parking lot.”

According to Longboat Key Public Works Department, the yellow curbs are consistent with other no parking zones in the town. The department staff said they tried to put up as few signs as possible and painted them according to residential guidelines.

The work of painting the signs was performed by a contractor who also painted parking boxes on the south side of Broadway to help drivers situate their vehicles. The white parking boxes were painted with thermal paint and will sparkle in the night, making it easier for drivers to locate the spaces in the dark.

Town Manager Dave Bullock said he was not sure if the yellow striping is required from a law enforcement standpoint, and staff is finding that out. He did say that it is fairly normal in communities to paint the curbs in no parking areas to create a visual alert.

The contract will include painting the curbs on Lois Avenue and Poinsettia Drive, which the contractor is scheduled to undertake in the near future unless directed by the town to cease and desist, according to Public Works Department.



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  1. alan janssens says:

    Perhaps they can bury the yellow lines underground

  2. ghostrider says:

    Parking meters are next ….to pay for beach sand.

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